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I am looking to see if "What to Expect"  is on instant Netflix... Sort of a rotten day with both DDs being tired and lots of screaming.  Took DHs Aunt who has some disabilities grocery shopping which is always a bit a stressful for me but it went ok.  She is very slow (which is hard with two kids)  and has been buying more and more junk food.  Ugh, it's not worth the fight though.   I did get to go for a walk and this evening which was lovely.  We got the kids...
  Ok,I just pulled all mine out to wash today so they are ready.  There are always seems to be a morning where you wake and suddenly nothing fits  so now I will be prepared. I went and bought fabric to make a belly band this morning too.  We thought we were done after DD2 so I had gotten rid of mine.  
I will soon need to tell a friend that I am pregnant but she had a miscarriage a few months ago and I want to be sensitive to that.  I've  never had a miscarriage so I can only imagine what it would be like in her shoes.  I was hoping some of you ladies who have been there can help me out.   Here is the situation:  (I'll identify by our first initials) There are 4 of us who are fairly close friends.  We get together pretty regularly and I feel like it's kind of our...
Ok, seriously, 4 weeks and I just had to unbutton my jeans.  This is ridiculous.
Those are adorable!  I don't knit but I do sew.  I am excited to make some things for this little one.  We will find out if we are having a boy or girl though so I will probably wait to make things.  
My symptoms are pretty mild so far (  barely 4 weeks)  My stomach feels a little "off"  but not sick yet.  I am feeling bloated.  I swear, #3 here and I feel like my tummy is trying to stick out already.  The weirdest thing-  my belly button has been itchy for three days!  I never had too much trouble with an itchy tummy in my previous pregnancies so it seems weird that I have it now, so early. 
Congrats ladies!  
Just got back from walking the long way to the park (up a couple hills, pulling the kids in the wagon)  I did some 3 sets of a bunch 5 or 6 exercise band exercises while the kids played, then walked home the more direct route.  I'm tired!   
I usually tell right away.  I am still waiting for the materials to make the necklaces to arrive and it is killing me!  I just want to tell people!  I've told two friends who live in other states and one other friend because I usually do her hair and I won't during the first tri-mester at least.  I am debating on when to make it "facebook official".  I feel like I should wait till 12 weeks but I'm not sure I care.  I've known two people in the last few months who have...
Hugs to you SweetMama.  
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