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Thank you all for sharing your experiences.  It's good to know it's possible and it's also good to have a little reality check.  I figured it would be a bit awkward at least but I'd just love to try.  I bet DH would love to have some skin to skin time.    Sort of a side note, thinking about having the baby with me as much as possible....I remember when planning a vaginal delivery we had planned on waiting on the bath.  Do you think it is more necessary after a c/s? ...
( I didn't read the other posts)  I can totally relate.  There is a mom's group at our church that is very popular and I found myself looking for excuses not to go.  SO many people just love going and go  on and on about the great support and community.  It did nothing for me.  I think it's partly my personality.  I would rather have 3 good friends that I can share my soul with that 50 people that I know on a surface level.  
In the winter I usually wear jeans and a v-neck sweater or t-shirt and cardigan.   I have a few button up shirts but for some reason I hate wearing them. In the summer I tend to go for knee length casual (like khaki or denim) skirts. I find in knee length I can do most things, am fairly comfy but it covers the spiders veins on my thighs. I have 2 pairs of shorts if I am doing something where a skirt wouldn't work. I do a mix of tanks/tees and some nicer (than t-shirt)...
I seem to recall at some point seeing a story about nursing on the operating table.  I would looove to be able to do that next time.  I know DH would probably have to hold the baby on me and it would partly depend on the hospital.   DD1 wasn't brought to me for HOURS and I still have some emotional issues with that (ok, the whole labor, c/s and after care).  DD2 was brought to me in recovery and that was SO MUCH better.  I still can't watch (even a TV staged birth) when...
I gave birth to a mini me.    She is very bright but is easily frustrated and gives up/won't try if she doesn't know how to do something.  She is 3  (will be 4 in July)  so most things I just don't push but there are times that I think she would benefit from working through it.  It could be anything from getting dressed, putting on shoes or coloring a picture. Can anyone give me hints to work through some of these things?
The size/thickness of your SCOBY does not reflect it's efficacy.  I always taste a spoonful to see if it's done since it varies widely based on room temperatures.  My brews usually take a month during the cold winter months but can go as fast as a week on the summer.
I would look for local photographers whose work you like.  Most people have galleries or blogs no so you can see their work.  If you like their work but they don't have specific birth photos posted I would just call and talk to them.  
Apricots and cherries would both go well with chicken or pork if you are trying to avoid too many sweets.  Apricot-mustard chicken is on my list actually.   I don't menu plan for each day but I made a list of things to make.  Today I made spaghetti sauce, lentil soup and black beans cooked and into the freezer.  My kids have multiple food sensitivities so I am trying to do better about getting food into the freezer to shorten my kitchen time.  Veggies are included...
She is beautiful!  Thank you so much for sharing your/her story!  
Can you give us an idea of what some of your standard meals/ snacks are?  Maybe people can suggest more specific alternatives that way.   I would say cut out the cereal.  It's so expensive and not very nutritious.  
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