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Thanks for the answers so far.  We are hoping to get pregnant with # three in a few months so I am trying to think this through.  You would think I would remember since I've done this all twice but I can't.  DD1 I did everything.  DD2 my HBMW explained everything and everything was our choice (loved that).  This next time will be with an OB and I know I need to figure it out ahead of time.    I do want to avoid the GD test since I know I was very low risk for that. ...
Also, what tests do you believe are most important and why?
Thank you for sharing this.  I've been looking at this thread for a while now without clicking because I knew it would be hard to read.  I know those feelings.  I know those emotions.  I know those hurtful, dismissive words that people say.  Thank you for being brave enough to put it all out there.  I was able to labor and push with my first two (ending in c-sections) but we are talking about a third baby and it will be a scheduled c/s for a few reasons.  It's really...
I always just let the post parents know that my kids have allergies and I will bring food for them.  Sometimes people offer to try to make something but I just tell them it's better if I make it so we're careful and I don't want to make extra work for them.  It's an allergy, not a picky kid so there is no reason for them to be offended.  No one has ever seemed offended.  They kind of feel bad for the kids since they know they are "different" but that's just our life.  
I don't have any solutions but I wanted to say that you are not alone.  I felt like I wasn't Mom first when my daughter was on the GAPS diet as well.  It just takes so much time!  
SCD is very close to the GAPS diet and it is NOT recommended to do the intro while pregnant or nursing.  You could just go to the full diet and do the intro when you are done nursing.  Many people choose to do the full diet for a while before the intro anyhow so the impact of the intro is less extreme.
I'm not a lot of help as far as meat goes.  I was a vegetarian for a short period of time but find that I feel better with meat.  I'm learning and doing my best to get local, properly raised meats as much as I can.    As far as the dairy goes you might try to find goat milk.  I know that some people can't handle either but my kids who can't do dairy are fine with goat milk.
5 Tablespoons Coconut oil, softened or melted 1/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup arrowroot. a couple drops of essential oils if you like.  I choose Tea tree and lavender.   Mix it up.  I just keep mine in a little bowl and spread it with my fingers.  I have heard that some people put it in an empty deodorant container but I think it would get too soft in the warmer months.   Hope it works well for you!
While healing the gut is great and hopefully someone can chime in on that I just wanted to encourage you to be patient for answers.  It took each of my kids 6 WEEKS to hit baseline before I could add things back in.  I know that feels like an eternity when you are a hungry nursing mama and you want your baby to feel better.  The allergens have to clear themselves from their body and then it has so recover and that will take time.  That being said I do think...
Thank you Serenbat!   LCBMAX, I plan to add a "pair" of feet to the broth along with a carcass so it's not all feet.  Also, I learned that if the feet are still yellow they need to be blanched and peeled. Thankfully mine are already peeled.  I hope my stock doesn't taste of feet.  Ick.
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