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You might check out The Spunky Coconut blog for some ideas.  She has a good number of egg-free, grain-free recipes.  I second the above posters suggestions to hide the meat if you can. 
I agree with Youngfrankenstein and kitchenqueen.    In general, I think it would be very rude to ask that if someone invited you over.  You can control what you buy but unless you have an allergy I think it's really rude to expect that of others.  If you feel the need to share the information you should invite others to your house.
I tried making my own laundry soap a few years ago but I didn't like it at all.  We are trying to tighten up our budget so we can save for adoption and I want to try again.  I think I would like to try liquid this time.  Can anyone recommend a recipe?  Also, I have fairly hard water so if there are changes you can recommend for that I would be grateful.  Thanks!
Oh thank you everyone!   I really appreciate your answers.   Our state has religious exemption so I think we should be ok.
We have just started saving to adopt (domestically) and have two bio kids already.  We do not vaccinate (well, DD1 had 2 but we stopped).  I am guessing it may depend on the state but has this been an issue for anyone?  I am guessing it could come up on the home study.  Thanks!
The probiotics aren't going to fix it overnight.  The disappearance of the mucous is a good sign though.  Have you tried removing any other allergens from your diet?  I would hold off on giving solids to baby if possible until you get things straightened out.
you could just sub in Hemp milk
I've been using this recipe.  I sub in some flaxmeal for the egg replacer since there are things in the egg replacer sourced from corn.  Make sure not to over process it as it can get gummy.  http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2008/10/vegan-pumpkin-pie-worthy-of.html   Next I am planning to try this custard.  http://www.elanaspantry.com/pumpkin-custard/
I am hoping to do some freezer cooking soon and am wondering if anyone has frozen things with rice pasta?  I am thinking a casserole type dish with pasta, ground beef, tomatoes, veggies and ricotta.  Should I cook it part way or just mix it with tomato sauce and not cook it all before freezing?  I don't want it all to turn to mush!  Thanks!
I can't remember exactly, I think maybe $37 for a month's supply.  It was worth every penny for a happy baby.  
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