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I found a huge reduction in gas for DD2 when we started giving her probiotics (specifically Biogaia infant drops). 
I know this isn't exactly what you asked but just a thought....While quitting smoking, sugar and caffiene are all GOOD choices that is a lot for your body all at once.  He might do better easing into one big change at a time. 
I have some ideas!  I tend to lose a fair amount when I am nursing too.  My thoughts: We do sunbutter/nut butter on rice cakes.  You could also dip apples in it. Eat avocado.  A lot of avocado.  I'm not losing so much right now but I used eat 1/2 an avocado everyday-often with olive oil, sea salt and pepper on it. Add more butter and oil than you think you need. Snack on nuts.  Use coconut milk where you can.  Use it in a smoothie, coffee or chai tea.  Native...
I would grind it up and add it to hot cream (coconut milk, cashew cream, cow-whatever you use) and let is sit for a few minutes.  Then I would pour it through a fine mesh strainer to get out any bits that might be too big.  You will obviously need to chill the liquid completely before freezing.
  What is your ND doing to zap them?  I have had this since having DD2.  It flairs up around when I have my period so it seems to be somewhat hormone related.
There is a grain-free thread in the TF forum. 
We fall somewhere between low-cost and thrifty.  Not that I trust anything from the government but that makes me feel pretty good. 
Cristeen, I just made sunflower seed graham crackers that we love!  I think they would work fine without the honey+cinnamon (maybe with some herbs and extra salt) if you want something savory.  Here is the recipe:http://twofoothome.blogspot.com/2011/04/grain-free-graham-crackers.html Hope that helps!   ETA:  I subbed in olive oil for the coconut oil and pureed roasted red peppers for the honey plus thyme and a little garlic.  I think I added a little extra water...
DD is on the GAPS diet in which all starches are not allowed.  That's why the arrowroot is out.  Sorry, I should have clarified.  I still haven't tried the gelatin thing-I'm a little scared of it!
ground beef chicken pork butt* ground turkey   chips* tortillas* soda* sour cream* cheese* cilantro x2 * jalapeno* black beans* rice* limesx10*   onions potatoes sweet potatoes cucumbers lettuce salad (bag of salad free with purchase) kiwi bananas avocados bell peppers oranges tomatoes frozen peaches, which they didn't have   sunflower seeds sugar butter peanut butter (also free with purchase) chocolate...
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