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I agree, if there are other options for you seek them out.  I would not feel comfortable under someone's care who would not listen to me. 
Wow! NS that is some serious dedication to do all that! I'm impressed! So glad it worked!
Congrats Katie!  Hope you heal quickly and they get the hang of BF!
NS, How great to have some uninterrupted organizational time!  I find it oddly relaxing too!  I agree, that final stretch when you are so ready to meet your little one can be hard no matter how much you believe they need to stay in until the time is right.   EPP, LOVE the sneak peak!  I can't wait to see more!   Sheryl, Oh wow!  Take it easy if you can!  Hopefully it means your body is just really ready and things will not be too drawn out when it is time.   Ghislaine,...
TJ, I think I always wore a pantyliner with the EPO.  It did tend to leak out some.  I don't think I punctured them as I'm pretty sure the heat and moisture from my body were enough to break down the exterior.
So glad that things are being taken care of you!  Hmmm, interesting on the BP tincture.  It will be interesting to see what happens!
LOVE the pictures ladies!  I love the group belly shot Moriah!  What a special thing to share!
Oh Kate, I love it!  Glad things went well! 
What about an organic mattress topper?  Like talked about here:  http://www.maillardvillemanor.com/2012/06/organic-latex-mattress-topper.html
I could think of worse things to eat! Think I'll go buy a bunch of pineapple.
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