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Uuuh, where to start?  DD is 2.5.  When I was nursing her we figured out that she reacted to dairy (at 2 months), soy (at 4 months though I hadn't really had it before then) and corn through eliminating top 8 plus corn (at 9 months).  So I was off of those while nursing and she has never had them.  A few months she started having some dryness around her nose and on her eyelid which at first we thought was just winter dryness.  We took her off almonds since we had...
We nightweaned around 14 months too.  It sounds like you are making great progress!  It took about a week and half I think for DD "get it" that she couldn't nurse at night.  She was sleeping next to our bed at the time so we would just lay her back down and maybe rub her back.  Eventually you could just say, "You need to lay down and go to sleep" and she did.  It sounds like you already decided this, but I would NOT turn on the TV.  TV is stimulating.  You're on the...
We will be spending a lot of time at the beach this summer so I am looking for a nursing swim suit.  Are there any out there that don't LOOK so much like a nursing swim suit (you know, that frumpy nursing, layered look)?  The best I have found is the expressiva tankini but it seems like there should be more out there.  Anyone found anything good or will I be pulling up a standard tankini all summer long?
I agree with so much of what has been said (including Visionary Mom about the c-section, never assume someone didn't try and not ALL of them are uneccesary).  I think a lot of us on here have strong differing views from the "main stream".  I struggle with getting worked up when I disagree with what someone it doing/thinking/saying, especially involving birth or parenting.  This is my new mantra that I think we would all do well to accept:  "Everyone makes the choice they...
Sweet potato puree is another option for orange! 
How long do you keep your mayo before it goes bad?
I think he was just gassy and I wouldn't say that was "colic".  By "three month colic" they mean that is usually lasts for 3 months and goes away around then.   Hope to night goes better!
I hope this is the right place to post this...It's been nearly 7months since my second c/s (HBAC transfer) and sometimes my uterus still hurts, not like cramping, it just hurts.  I still wear yoga pants and leggings a lot of the time because jeans bother my incision too much.  I really didn't have a lot of pain during my recovery this time (last time recovery was VERY painful) so I am little confused.  I know that massaging the incision is supposed to help and I am...
Hugs for you Mama.  I know it's so hard.  Two things that made a HUGE impact for us were probiotics (bioGaia specifically)  and craniosacral therapy.  Hope that helps!
Llyra, I am also VERY interested in how you grow your potatoes!  Please share!
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