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No link, it was from my husbands powerpoint presentation at work.
My husband works as an engineer in packaging at a major pharmaceutical facility. (yes we had moral reservations about this job, but needed work) He came home with with a powerpoint handout from a class they had to go to. Handed it to me laughing because he knew it would get me fired up. 1. With the new required/reccommended vaccinations, by the time a child is 18yo he/she will have had 53 vaccines. -the number has increased so fast, i can't even keep up with it ...
We drove to browsburg to Jason Cooper. He is a general practitioner. Never pushed vaccines on us, has never retracted my son. Is very supportive of extended breastfeeding. Also is accepting of alternative treatments instead of meds. Worth the drive for me.
How do you make money with a website? Can you do that with Yola?
I need very basic first steps, thanks
I would love to try agility, but we have always been nervous to have her around other people, kids, and pets.
I just rememberd that my newphew will be staying with us during his last year at IU. Moving in soon. So, we will go with the behaviorist. Our dog will feel very aggressive with him, Im not sure how to introduce the two. Thank you for your advice. I think it is worth the money....at least i hope so.
I found a behavorist in my area and talked to her last night. My husband and I were talking, is it worth the $ to have her help us? or do we know what we need to do...walk the dog, distract the dog, give the dog a job, put the dog on a schedule. We are on a small budget so I can stay home. Do you think she will tell me something I don't already know?
I also try to think of Ceaser and relax my body, I try to send her calm energy...I reacted with strong words, trying to get her to sit and lay down. She wouldn't. Then I moved away from and asked her to come. She just quietly growled on and off and laid down. Very odd behavior, she knows commands, she was showing me that she was in control. She went to puppy class as a puppy, did great. Then bad behavior started happening, we took her to another class a year or so...
Thanks for a fast reply! The situation today: our other dog was outside going potty when the neighbor dog started barking at her. Our problem dog was inside with me and started going nuts, yipping like she was in pain to go outside so she could protect our other dog/bark. I told her no, stood strong between her and the door, she looked at me crazy and started growling like a snake, and her body changed to the way she acts when she is about to attack our other dog. ...
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