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Quote: Originally Posted by Marnica SA is hard to find in stores. Most people get theirs online. A croupy cough (sounds like a seal barking?) is not likely to be pertsussis. A croupy cough will also respond to steam and/or cold air and will go away in a week or so. Wc would likely be aggravated by the above and will last a lot longer. Thanks!
Can you find it in healthfood stores? Do you think a croupy cough could be pertussis?
Why is the NOW brand of SA better than other brands of Vit C? Are we in a peak year for WC?
Not sure. He is cutting 2 teeth right now. Do you think Breastmilk would help??
Any advice on treatment? Not sure if its yeast or not. Its fiery red and shiny. I have tried diaper cream. lanolin. Today started using olive oil with drops of tea tree oil.
I believe that homeopathic Thuja is suppose to help protect the body with vaccinations. I would also do all I could do to keep the gut healthy. That is were the immune system lives. Healthy gut flora will help his body since the vaccines will probably screw with his bacterial flora. I would be very angry. If this was the final thread in a rough relationship...divorce maybe. But if he was trying to do what he thought was best, I would forgive. And work on...
ok good. thanks.
I wouldn't change a thing. But when I browse this category and see all the problems with intact penises. It makes me nervous. My little guy is 8mo w/o issues so far. Should I expect a problem sometime in the future. Infection? Re attachments? Pain?
We just moved into a new house with an old deck. I was walking barefoot and a rusty nail punctured my foot. The first thing I thought was....everyone is going to tell me to get a shot. I did have fear run through my head, but I trusted the research I did when my daughter was born. I made an 'emergency plan' for each disease. So I knew I could use the immunoglobulin if I were to come up with symptoms. And I knew to let it bleed. I understand the fear. If it were my...
Yes, your hard work will pay off! You will have a strong bond with you little one that will last forever and through the hard times. I use AP based on instinct also. The hard days help you to appreciate the good days.
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