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I am getting more and more excited to move! Next question: Where can I find my food? Are there natural markets? Farmers Markets?
This is all so helpful!! Thanks mamas and keep it coming!!
If we do choose a neighborhood, are there any older neighborhoods? I love old houses.
I am not going to work anymore, I am now a SAHM of 2. We are moving due to my husbands job. (moving from indy) Right now we live in an old house built in the 40's which I will miss dearly. But I am very excited to have more land. We have 2 dogs and a cat. We are dreaming of having a big garden, a big yard for kids to run, and space for our pets outside. Is there an area to stay away from? West side is cheaper, good to know. Thanks so much for the help!! (ps,...
Where to live? Any advice?
Im ok. Im bleeding more today so its my period. Phew! I am kind of excited to use my Lunette Cup! I only got it use it a few times before I got pregnant.
I found some spotting today. I am hoping it goes into a period. I am breastfeeding exclusively. I didn't get my period with my daughter until she was 10months. Can you spot while nursing for no apparent reason? or is this a small period? Help! Not ready for another yet
I have a friend who had a baby when we did and she is letting him CIO already. OMG, he still needs lots and lots of attention!! It really bothers me, I want to say something, but its not my place to say it. So I have to complain on here. Thanks for listening. Does anyone watch Modern Family? This weeks episode had a Ferberizing skit. I couldn't stand to watch it!!! I hate to see poor babies crying for attention. They grow up so fast, hold them before they dont...
12lbs 12oz at 5weeks. Was 9lbs 8 at birth. BIG BOY!
We bought a big girl bed for our 2yr old today. I have loved having her in our bed, but things are changing. We have a new little one now and she isn't sleeping as well with him waking to nurse in bed. We bought a twin and she will still be in our room (its a big finished attic room) but in a different bed. Wish us luck with the transition. At least she can just hope over to our bed if its too much for her right now. Im sure this will take time.
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