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WOOOHOOOO! ACOG doing something that makes sense and its actually all about the health of moms and babies? NO WAY! hahha!   This is fantastic. I get SO sad when I hear my friends say, "Well, I'm 37 weeks now! Baby can come anytime!" Or, "My doc is waiting until 38 weeks to schedule the c/s because then I'll be full-term". Its just sad. This is great news.
We named our son Ethan in 2008. That year it was the most popular name for boys. My other two (girls) are Molly and Clara. Molly is getting more common, but was pretty much unheard of when she was born (1993). Clara is getting more popular, too. She was born in 2009. It is a family name, though.   So. Ethan. Its super popular. I am usually not a popular name kinda gal. But, after 7 days, we still didn't have a name picked out for our little guy. We literally just started...
I'm in LaPorte! I'm crunchy!!! :)
My three year old has always been active, dramatic, passionate...But, lately...its getting almost unbearable. He melts down CONSTANTLY. For almost everything. He SCREAMS at the top of his lungs if he doesn't get what he wants. He's extremely verbal, so its not like he can't communicate. He just screams. Lately, he's just basically refused to go to bed. I don't know what to do!!! He just comes in and out of his bedroom for HOURS. And he has stopped napping, so it seems...
This thread is making me tear up!!! I am SO GRATEFUL for the midwives I know and the midwives I don't know. Worldwide, midwives are there to support women and encourage them through the most amazing, intense, difficult and empowering experience in their lives!!!!   I have had two midwives come to my home and help two of my three children come into this world. I love and appreciate both of them! Laura Gilbert and Cindy Lybolt are two amazing women!!!!   I am going...
Yeah, we were happy to find so many people around us. We found a really great nanny and it helped to have care.com do the background checking and all of that good stuff for us.
we found our nanny using care.com. We are in LaPorte, but there are lots of people on there that are great! The colleges is a good idea, too!
  Ya know...that is SUCH a good point. I mean, I am sure that on some level I thought of it this way, but thanks for putting it out there like that. Its about the KID, not the parents. I think when you think of it that way, it makes the dang toys seem WAY less offensive.  
Oh, and do you know about ICAN? http://blog.ican-online.org/   Also: http://www.theunnecesarean.com/the-unnecesarean/   Good reading! :) I love both and I have never had a c/s!!!
Well, Jessica that is partially why I recommend reading Ina Mae's book. I think that for my husband and I, there is absolutely NO FEAR involved with childbirth. So, it was easy for us to choose homebirth because it is our absolute conviction that childbirth is NOT an inherintly dangerous process. But, I totally understand that it is common for people to have fear associated with it, particularly if you've had a scary situation in the past. And the Ina Mae book just makes...
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