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Oh, I hope you don't mind me popping in to your thread with the same questions, mama! Ethan is 7 months and is what I would consider very "hardy". However, I'm still nervous about our down comforter and co-sleeping. He's always cried when he gets blankets too far up and he's very strong. So, everyone thinks this is OK? (The down comforter, I mean)
Well, we just did it. I knew that I was going to co-sleep with this one as I did with my first, but with my first, it was just me. (I was a teen mom) So, I knew it might be different with my husband. It had a few more challenges, but I'm glad we're doing it. I just used some basic common sense. I have heard that (like pp's mentioned) the Doctor Sears books really help. I know that his Birth Book and Vaccine Book were awesome, so I assume his sleeping books are, too!
I just want to bump this thread as I am still really excited about starting a program like this!!! : Anyone around NW Indiana or Chicago or SW Michigan that would be interested in getting something like this going?
Well, my daughter is 15 and we had a similar situation. She had a friend that was just kind of low-energy and negative, and we got super weird vibes from the family. The mom like, dropped the friend off at the girl's boyfriend's house in another town and stuff like that. We just didn't think it was appropriate for 15 year old kids. I just didn't like my daughter hanging out with her. Also, my daughter would always act negative and low-energy after hanging out with her,...
Oh, mama. I don't really have any advice...I'm sorta kinda in the same boat. I have an extremely gifted 15 year old girl. She is also having a very hard time taking school seriously. I'm still trying to figure out what her challenges are and how to be the best mom I can be and still have her love me. hehe! Anyway, just a note of supprt. Teens are flippin hard!
OH. MY. GOD! I am so glad to have found this thread! I live in Northwest Indiana, close to Chicago. I know the Morton Arb. BUT. I think that I have a fabulous place for a Forest Kindgergarten here in NW Indiana. I work at a 170 acre eco-community called Tryon Farm. Here is the site: www.tryonfarm.com It has wetlands, forest, ponds, meadows, trails, chickens, a 100 year old barn...it would be PERFECT. I am ACHING to start a school like this. I am...
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