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I put my kiddos in sposies when they have had bad diaper rashes only so that I can slather their butt in some sort of cream. I REALLY like the Weleda cream. Its got calendula, which I personally think is the best for irritated skin. (I have excema and calendula works wonders for me)   So, yeah. For me the disposable diapers are just a way to keep the butt all slathered up without ruining the cloth diapers.   But, otherwise, yeah. Bare-bootie time is really...
Ok...so I really want some play stands for DS (2.5years) and DD (15 months). They are awfully pricey, so I was trying to convince my husband last night to build some. I was showing him all of these beautiful Waldorf-y play rooms and schools on the internet. He looked at them all, ooh'd and aahh'd appropriately and then said, "So, what are they for?"   I started explaining to him how they foster imagination and give the LO's a little "fort" kind of feeling in their...
  That's what I was thinking. We have a 2.5 year old boy and my mantra has been, "Choose your battles". Is this one worth having? I mean, it might be. But maybe not. Maybe you should just let her sleep where she wants to sleep. This is how we finally accomplished pooping in the potty with my son. Once I decided that he will just decide to poop in there when HE wants to and let him get to that point on his own, he started doing it. But, I could also see how it could be a...
We used care.com. I really liked it and we found a really cool nanny!
Lake Monroe! Its beautiful and a nesting site for bald eagles!
Oh, right. Or Crane. I forgot about Crane. Well...at least you get to live in Bloomington! I am majorly jealous even if it IS because of the military industrial complex.
    I really like this point! Sometimes I feel like this happens between my SIL and myself. And its MY fault. Thanks for reminding us! :)
Thanks for the welcomes!
Good thread! I've been thinking about this a LOT lately because we are working on nighttime potty learning. or, we are THINKING about it. DS is 100% trained during the day but we haven't started working on night time learning yet because he is still in the crib. My husband is really reluctant to move him out of the crib...though I obviously think its REALLY important so the poor guy doesn't have to wear a diaper at night. :(   Has anyone simply took the side rail off...
  I KNOW! Seriously! I have TRIED to get to cook-outs and stuff at your house! hahha! Will keep trying! :) Thanks for reminding me that I DO have people around me. Sometimes its hard to pull my head out of my life and see what's out there.  
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