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My DS is 2.5. He calls my hubs Mark all the time. I think its funny and hubs doesn't mind. He uses daddy, too. Its just perfectly interchangeable with Mark. Interestingly, he never calls me Nicole, only Mama or Mommy. I guess I don't have any advice. Just that my DS does it too. I think my MIL said hubs did it when he was little, too. So, I guess its common.
Hahaha...my youngest DD is FIFTEEN MONTHS. I looked in there the other day and there are TWO molars popping through. I can see them! Can you believe it? 15 months? So, yes. I would say its possible!
Oh, and forgot to mention that I am in LaPorte County. I consider NW Indiana to be Lake, Porter and LaPorte. I never even thought of some of the more Southern counties as NW Indiana.
I am e-mailing you!
Thanks! No, nothing too academic. Just slightly more structured. Slightly. Just something that would emulate the daycare scenario a bit. I'm imagining places I can tuck centers into my SMALL house. But, I have come up with some good ideas, I think! And my husband is totally on board, so that is awesome. He will help with crafting nooks and crannies.
Are there any working mamas here that have a nanny but still want something educational going on in your home? I work full-time and we just hired a nanny and took the kiddos out of daycare. My DS is 2.5 and he's having a hard time with the transition. We also have a 15 month old DD. I guess I'm just looking for help setting up "centers" and other types of things in our (small) home that will make my DS feel more comfortable with the transition and give my nanny some...
Yup. We are there. Actually, I just had a not so effective conversation with my husband about DS not having impulse control, that we don't need to engage him on EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING...but it is really hard. I don't know what to do. That is why I'm on MDC in the middle of the night trying to get some ideas!
Yeah, we've interviewed a few really good nannies. Actually, the teachers in his class have been there for a long time. Its pretty much the only reasonable daycare around and I think they get paid fairly well compared to most. But that is a good point, even when he switches classrooms that will be a change, too. I hadn't thought of that!
There is one thing that nobody mentioned...during the fall color period, its almost impossible to find a camp site unless you reserve one way in advance! There are lots of nice cabin rentals in the area, though. We rented one through this place once http://www.browncountylogcabins.com/ Anyway,you've gotten good advice. Bloomington is AMAZING. Total crunch fest! There are great places to eat, the Indiana University campus is awesome. If you get a chance, tour the IU...
We LOVE Doctor Laura Hannon at New Carlisle Family Medicine in New Carlisle, IN.
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