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I think the apa recommendation is mostly about vitamin D. Our ped specifically told us NOT to get a multivitamin, but to get vitamin D only drops. She recommended Carlson's baby.
I was signed up to donate but my kit got lost in the shuffle when I had to transfer. Anyway, in the instructions in there it said you could do it even after the placenta delivered, though this was suboptimal or something. My basic thought was cut the cord when the time came and if they collected enough super, if not oh well. I'd imagine it's different if you're storing and the provider is afraid you'll be upset if they don't get enough.
I have the cubes keyfit and the trevi in adventure I checked the chicco site and they actually don't make the trevi in cubes. I wanted the trevi because it's smaller/lighter. Anyway.... I actually haven't used the stroller much, mostly been carrying him in a sling. I haven't had any problems with the stroller when I have used it, including wheelying over curbs and occasional forays through the grass. I haven't tried adjusting the harness because I don't see him going...
Quote: Originally Posted by Astraia Not sure if you know this already, and they're just not long enough, but you can buy leg-extender pieces for the legs of the ARCS. I was looking into buying one and our bed is about 4 ft off the ground too. I never bought one, so I'm not sure if they'd be long enough but might be worth investigating! To the OP- I've heard from other co-sleeping moms that they're a hassle for BF'ing because they have a little lip...
my mom gave us a big bag of towels that my dad finally convinced her are too old/threadbare to use but she couldn't bring herself to throw away (she can be a bit of a packrat like that) and we use one or two of those folded in half. Washes easy, no smell, and if they get too icky I can throw them out without guilt. Now of course you may not have an easy source of old towels, so you could count this as another vote for towels in general.
So we had good luck with the acclimate to each step method last night. I will keep the other suggestions in mind though since what he wants seems to change by the day. How big do those miracle blankets fit? Looks interesting but I'm afraid he'd outgrow it in a week.
We did swaddle, but he gets out of a blanket swaddle in about 5 minutes, and is now outgrowing the swaddleme we had (a new one is on my list for this afternoon). But I will try the timing too, thanks.
We were already in the process of cutting down on the time we spent with one family, because of only semi-related things before we became parents, but when they started angling to babysit that kind of sealed the deal. Anyway, it actually came in useful when dh and I were arguing about cio (theoretically, babe is only 2 mo) and he says "I would argue this more strenuously if [that other family] didn't do it"
My ds is 8 weeks old. He'll sleep through whatever noisewise, but if you move him, he wakes right up. This is mostly a problem at night when I'm trying to put him back in the cosleeper. I've seen reference here to the "limp arm test" to make sure they are deeply asleep, and assuming this is what it sounds like, he will still wake up sometimes. The problem seems to mostly be getting my hand in to support his head, which he obviously needs, but is there some way to do...
my hypnobabies instructor lent me a copy of Spiritual Midwifery to read, so I'd imagine it can't be too bad.
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