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I can't believe I get to say this right now- but I just got a BFP!  Not exactly sure what the EDD would be since I didn't exactly listen to my doctor's advice on waiting until after I had a cycle   I think it would be around 9/9/2011 based off of when I think I o'd.
Still no AF after our miscarriage... the dr. wants us to wait until after we've started a cycle to try.  Is there a real reason for that other than EDD?
Hey ladies :)  Thought I would check in.  On Monday my hCG levels were down to 3 so I do not have to do anymore bloodwork.  I got my Rhogam shot yesterday and was advised to wait until after I've had a cycle before trying again.  So I guess I am waiting to be ready?   Congrats to all the mommas with BFPs- how exciting! :)
We have stores called the Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar and they carry them as well as pregnancy test.
Hello ladies.  Unfortunately our little bean did not stick so I am back.  My hCG levels are still dropping and I haven't started bleeding yet.
I went in for my ultrasound today and there was no gestational sac.  They repeated my bloodwork and my hCG dropped to 167 and my progesterone to 3.8.   The bad news is that I am miscarrying but I do feel a little relieved that this is not an ectopic.  All the best to all of you ladies!
Mommy Kahbid- I am sorry for your loss and glad you are here now :)   Thank you to everyone for your encouragement, positive thoughts and prayers- it really means a lot.  I really hate that I have to keep track of hCG at the beginning of my pregnancies but because of my history with ectopics I don't really have a choice. I am sorry you are going through this too, please let me know what you find out on Monday!  (((hugs)))
I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning at 8am and then a visit with the NP at 8:30.  The doctor is in surgery tomorrow morning so she will consult with him after he is done then call me.  I was mostly left with the feeling that it doesn't look good but it doesn't mean it is an ectopic.
hCG was only 196
Still waiting for the doctor to call...
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