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Quote:   I was just coming here to ask the same thing.  I am only about 5 wks and was up all night nursing.  I think that must be what's happening.  
I am a control freak list maker and I am looking for a good pregnancy planner / organizer- any suggestions?
So neat to see all the other doulas and childbirth educators here :)  I will be using the same doula as last time as well as having a close friend who just started doula-ing attend as well.  When I picture my birth there is my husband and a room full of women to support me.
Just got the positive last night and still nursing my 19 months old.  This will be my first time nursing while pregnant but I have no plans to stop just because I am.  So far I haven't had too much pain or tenderness but I think the taste of my milk may have changed based off DS's reaction to it (confused look).  Oh, and I wanted to share this recipe I got from a fellow doula.   Lactation Cookies 1 cup *butter* 1 cup *sugar* 1 cup firmly packed *brown sugar* 4...
I'm Jessica and EDD would be 7/28.  This will be baby #4 (well, actually baby #8 - we've lost four pregnancies).  Planning my first home birth and probably another water birth as well.  BTW, Alyssa, I also have three boys :)
Hello all :)  I got my BFP last night.  On October 12th my right fallopian tube ruptured and corpus luteum cyst ruptured as the result of my 4th ectopic pregnancy (I also have three beautiful boys- Isaac 6, Owen 4 and Silas 19 months) my first period came a lot sooner than expected with first day on October 21st.  I am so excited that we conceived on the first cycle post our loss.  With my history of ectopics I have to go in to check my levels but since they removed my...
After posting last night I decided to test AGAIN- even though I already tested w/ a EPT on the day I expected AF and it was negative and I got a BFP!!!!  Now on to the rounds of blood work to rule out ectopic
So I am on CD35- no sign of AF and no BFP
Quote: Originally Posted by jrose_lee Hi! I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost one of my tubes. That was my first pregnancy ever. We now have two boys. And I'm hoping for more babies. I was told that the egg can really be grabbed by the tube even if it is from the other side. Because it has little feeler type things to grasp it. I don't know.... however it works it can definitley happen. Thanks for the info!
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