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Braxton hicks are natural, normal and are supposed to happen. It is your bodies way of preparing your uterus for the real things. In my experiance, Drs like to scare you thinking something wrong, so they have more control, and you will bend to there will more,kwim? If he tell you somethings wrong, when relly theres not, but you believe him, you will let him run the show instead of you runnin your own prgnancy and birth. But maybe Im bitter,lol. If you dont feel liquid...
Well, I took another test this morning after having a light positive a week ago, an a negative two days later. The line on this one is so faint that you have to stre to see it, so its probably a shadow line, or hwatever there called when you can see the chemicl line? My periods due any day, so if it come I ill know for sure, and if it does not, I will go to the womans clinic and get blood work and see just whats going on. Its weird though, i feel pregnant. im tired,. Im...
I am still nursing my 2.8 yo ds. And yes, it feels like he is giving me a freakin hicky every time. On top of that, now that i am trying to wean him a bit, it seems like he wants it nonstop all day and night,lol.
Babies come when they want too 10 days is nothing I would worry about too much. Who knows, you may go 10 days late!!! first babies are almost always different anyhow since your body has never been through it before.
I really like both first names, but I had to go with nether. The middle names just dont seem to flow
I do have a 15 year old son, and unfortunatly trouble is his middle name. i have never peeped through his journals or personla writing, and never would. EVER. now, im not going to say Ive never looked around his room abit, it is after all my job to keep him safe (flame away, my house, my child, and yes his safety is my responsiblity) But really, it seems to me reading a diary is just plain snooponess... if your children are doing something that would harm them, you should...
I would get them in capsule form, or buy some capsules and a dropper and make your own. Would have to take more than one to get the full tsp, but alot easier than swigging in your mouth!!!
Awesome job!!! The scarf is perfect,looks like you made the color pattern on purpose!! Isnt pooling great,lol.
Hi! I am a single (for about 6 months now) mom of 4 beautiful boys ages 15,8,7, and 2. I also have an angel son, he blessed me with his kisses for 4 months before falling asleep on my chest. He would have been 5 this passed September. I live outside of Raleigh NC. We are staying ith my sister right now, my job burned down, and we had too move from lack of money and lost most of our belongings. we do ok though, we survive About me... Looking for a job, not fun or easy...
:: Congrats and welcome!
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