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Sorry it didn't work out, you know being single rocks though! Gosh, so you moved in with a guy after only 1-2 months dating him?
Yeah if im not attracted to him then ofcourse that's the end of that. However I do think he's kinda cute, apart from the ears part...I should be able to get past that though right? If I like the rest of his looks, and like his personality (which I think I do), then surely one thing (his ears) isn't a good reason to not see him again You ladies haven't had this dilema?
How's everyone doing? Im kinda bummed im not seeing my phone guy today LOL (I know im crazy), but anyway....So I made a post in the parents as partners forum about physical attractiveness. The phone guy sent me his picture by email and he isn't bad looking, kinda cute, BUT he is only 1 inch taller than me -ok I can deal with that, but his hair has fallen out some and is receeding already and he's only mid-late 20s! -I think I can deal with that. The main thing is his...
Prefere not to discuss why I asked on a public forum, but I wanted to be sure you couldn't tell just by looking at them.
: Aw no meemee! I'm sorry things aren't going well for you right now, I feel the same way, certain things seem to be falling apart lately and I too NEED to get things back on track. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you're posts have been so so SO helpful to me, I want to say thank you, and I really hope you will be back here soon when things have settled down for you.:
I had flu 3 times last month, each time needing to be in bed for a few days and feeling really ill a few more days. I've been okay for the past 2 weeks, my blood test checking white blood cell count came back fine. But all day today I have had a sore throat coming on and swollen neck glands again...it's starting to feel like im getting this flu bug thing back yet AGAIN....God please no! I'm at a loss what to do. My diet isn't too great I admit, but I have been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Butterflymom Have you looked into any options for working on your own insecurities and anxieties yet? : The suggestions DanishMom made....? If not, tell him you're not quite ready to meet anyone right now. If so, tell him you're only willing to start out as just friends, and perhaps a walk in the park just to see how well the conversation flows in person would be good social practice for you. The more you interact with...
Could you tell which child was which race if they were: 1st child -half caucasian, quarter asian (bangladeshi), quarter african (kenyan) 2nd child -half caucasian, quarter asian (indian), quarter middle eastern (iranian) Would you know which child was which from their appearance? Which had the asian/african father, and which had the asian/middle eastern father? It wouldn't be possible to tell, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by sprouthead Are there specific problems you're having with your skin? I don't eat a lot of fresh fruits/vegetables tbh. But I do drink mainly water during the day, maybe 5 glassfulls of it. Do I need to drink more than 5 glasses of water a day to help my skin? The problem is my facial skin is very oily/greasey, is this due to too much grease in my food? I also have some black heads And just generally my...
I'm 40 lbs over weight and for the past few months have noticed Im sweating much more than I used to. Mainly noticed it in sweaty feet and especially under my arms (arm pits). I also sweat more on my face. I don't seem to have to do much before im sweating a lot. Is there anything else that can help stop the sweating, or is it definately due to my weight, and I need to lose weight to sweat less? Anyone else like this?
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