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Can you check with a local shelter? They should be able to point you in the direction of help ...I think. Oh and department of social services too.
yesterday was hotdogs tonight is chicken garlic parsley kievs, onion rings, tomatoes and bread
mmace congrats again on "re-finding" your man, it all sounds wonderful for you guys! Quote: Originally Posted by Holland73 This is what concerns me the most with your dating experiences and ideas. He can pressure all he wants, but if you are not comfortable or ready... say NO!!!!! Again... just say NO!!!! I am very worried that if you do not find your strength and self-worth to stand up for yourself, you are going to end up in a situation...
Just wondering when everyone else fits this into their daily routine? I find it easiest to do once my DS is in bed at night, which is also good because it relaxes me ready to sleep. However I am a single mom, so for those with partners, doing it at night when you want to spend some time alone just you and your dp, might not be the best time. ?
I don't want to be spending money on cleaners/toners/moisturisers etc... So how else can I make my skin better? Certain foods? drinks? Vitamin supplement?
Quote: Originally Posted by SAHDS I'd rather see the back of a couch than the back of a t.v. Pics? Sorry no pics, but either way you don't see the back of the tv. Basically I mean when you are Sitting on the Sofa watching the tv, is your body facing the outside of the house or is your body facing the direction of the rest of the rooms in your home? Did that explain it better?
Quote: Originally Posted by DanishMom Could be either cultural or language barrier - or both. Yeah I think it must be, because if there was no language barrier he would probably have said something like "It made me feel like more of a man when you were my girlfriend" ? Which is actually a compliment, and im sure he meant it that way. That I made him feel better about himself. Now this guy I've spoken to some on the phone lately, one minute I...
Quote: Originally Posted by lightheart Do you have a leak where water from outside is getting in? I would plan on fixing the leak after you get it cleand so it does not hapen again. I am okay using bleach for the occasional cleaning, so that is what I would use. I don't think it's 100% sealed but im not sure. The mould is actually growing on the sealant around the window yk? I'm thinking it keeps growing back because im not cleaning it ALL off...
This is a major decision in any living room (those with tv's anyway), because all/most of the sofa chairs point towards the direction of the TV. So I have one question: Do you put it the end of the room which means the sofa's will be facing AWAY from the rest of the house, or do you put it on the other side of the room meaning the sofa's will be facing TOWARDS the rest of the house? I'm really stuck on this decision and it seems a big deal to me. Any thoughts? (apart...
Quote: Originally Posted by DanishMom Your ex sounds like a macho jerk and very melodramatic!! Thanks for the tips! And yeah I know..who says that? maybe his culture and the language barrier too? Bit over-the-top though I thought.
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