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How about a preschool? You didn't mention the age of your child. Any preschool or daycare that receives any kind of federal funds has to accept a religious exemption. My son is in pre-k at a private montessori school and they accepted our religious waiver with no issues.
My son is 4 1/2 and has never had vaxes or antibiotics. He is a big healthy kid. He is in preschool now, so he does get his share of runny noses and has been sick with a fever a couple times.He nursed until he was 3 1/2.
I have actually done this when I was attacked 20 years ago. I am not going to recount the details of the attack, suffice it to say, it was totally unprovoked and shockingly sudden. I was able to reach into his clothes. I grabbed around the base of his entire genitals, twisted and squeezed as hard as I could. He screamed in pain and jumped off of me which gave me enough time to escape. Had I not done, I would most likely be dead right now. .
Confession: I have a collection of Living Dead Dolls, that I have been collecting since the late 90's. I keep them boxed up in the attic because we have no place to display them. Living Dead Dolls are a bit more gruesome than Monster High, and not sexy. I have shown them to my four year old boy and he loves them. He has seen the Monster High dolls at the toy store and he said he wants to get one for me for my birthday. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong...
Your husband needs counseling immediately. What he is doing to your baby is abuse. Do not leave the baby alone with him. What he is doing is not normal, nor is it safe for your baby. If he rejects counseling, I suggest you start working on an exit plan. Good for you for following your mama bear instincts. (hug) Don't stop listening to them. Protect that helpless innocent little baby.
Thanks for that link. I have never seen that school. I will be checking it out.
Sadly,I have been looking for similar school in Marietta but have come up empty. Most of the private schools are christian religion based. I know at one time a mom had posted here to start a play based preschool but I am not sure if it ever took off or not. The north suburbs of Atlanta are really lacking when it comes to schooling choices.
I don't have any great explanations but I am going to keep checking this thread because my 4 year old ds also has difficulty with changes, like broken household items getting replaced, new appliances and even furniture being rearranged. Today he became upset because my husband is starting to work out again and our son asked why and we told him that daddy wanted to lose weight and our son cried that he didn't want daddy to lose weight, he wanted daddy to keep the fat on...
Marriage counseling has been an awesome investment for me and my husband. Perhaps the opinion of an outside, educated neutral person could help your husband be more attuned to the needs of the marriage?
I am hoping the timeout was done to help give hiim some time to recompose himself and not in a punitive way. As best as I can understand he was just sitting on a bench and the teacher called him over but noticed he was sitting strangely and that is when she noticed his pants were wet. It just stinks because I don't know really what happened for sure. I can tell that my son was embarassed and when I asked him to tell me what happened he said it wss a long story. I asked...
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