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I don't think there's something to worry about. Your DD is very sweet and I don't think you hurt her in any way.
I agree with Britishmum. Based from what you wrote, this will be your first time to handle a Lab puppy. Lab puppies have very different behavior than poodles for example or other "behaved" breed so somebody who knows a lo about Lab can help you.
welcome to the forum!
welcome to the forums! I think your child is really gifted. I think the schools have some ways to develop children like yours. I know a son of my neighbor who doesn't go to ordinary school every Wednesdays.
We bathe our son and then our daughter separately. But reading this thread, we are planning to do co-bathing. . .
Hi, I am also a vegetarian and a blogger. My dream is to be a screenwriter/playwright/film director/stage director/poet. I'm starting out with the last. I'm writing some for some contests. welcome to the forum!
We don't give our 3-year old allowance yet. We buy food for him and all the other things he needs. We'll give him allowance when he's already in 1st grade.
I agree with Theoretica. You know, sometimes, writing down your thoughts is an exercise in clear thinking. . .
My suggestion is to bend down and make sure that you are at level with your 2 year old child. You should look him in the eye and after saying something, ask him if he understands.
These are the best times of a baby, when they're learning a lot. My babies have all grown up but enjoyed them very well when they were still small babies. Cherish the moment.
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