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My friend have the same experience before her labor. So I guess there's nothing to worry about, it's just normal. . .
You should have the child checked by a doctor. I think a child her age will not make up any stories. . .
I have the same experience with my DD when she was 5 months old or so. I forgot how it went away. I just let her and then after a few weeks, she did it occasionally and then I just noticed that she stopped. . . .
Welcome! I'm excited for you too! Have fun sharing!
that's a sweet post. thank you. you're such a great mother to your daughter that's why you have a very sweet daughter!
I think you need to find your "tribe" I'm sure you'll find a good dentist referral there.
true! tpbm bites his/her fingernails
I can't remember all of my personality types but I am Introvert-Intuitive. I am not comfortable being the "new" person in a group of people. I freak out. I always think first before I speak and this makes people think that I am dumb or something. But I'm just processing the answer in my head before I speak.
I had a China mishap. The porcelain was some sort of antique piece my mother-in-law really treasured and I broke it.
For very young children, I think it is a good idea if you will keep them away from your toxic relatives. . . .
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