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I take my DD back to the car and talk to her
having teenagers are really tough times for parents. i have a 7 year old DD and a 4 year old DS and im beginning to be scared about them when when they reach their teens
DD is also in that stage that doesn't let me sleep for more than 2 hours. She's always crying.
Michael Phelps has attracted a lot of young fans already. It's just irresponsible to do that.
Colorful toys that you can hang on the crib babies can watch while lying
I think that's very sweet of you. You just gave me an idea. I will also do that when my baby comes out.
You have a very touching life story. Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll get lots of helpful insights here.
What he is saying is inappropriate and rude. It is a good idea to avoid him or tell him directly to stop talking like that to you.
never tried it. cranberry stew?
I think your child is perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about. Different children have different development. My child didn't start to speak until 2 1/2 years old. She's now 6 and she's the most talkative in school. . .
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