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Is that for REAL??!!
Yes, Harmony Central can certainly be of help to you. . .
I think what you did is right.
We wake up very early at around 7am because my kids go to school at 8. I take them to school. And then in the afternoon my DH take them home.
Yes, very much! I can't let my girl mature very fast. She's a child and I want her to act and dress like a child. I think these contests are ruining the little girls' psychology. No wonder we have a lot of teenage pregnancies today.
My kid went to school early for his age. I think it's better if he's the youngest in the class. He's a little more mature than most kids his age.
As long as the relationship of your teen daughter is based on respect and true love then you don't have anything to worry about.
I think over-sleeping takes a toll on our health. When I was a kid, I sleep a lot when I don't feel well, when I don't want to face the world. When all I want is to forget some heavy problem. Maybe your kid has a problem and is afraid to confront it?
I think you should go with your idea. I think your gift will be very much appreciated.
Have them join a sports club or any school organization. My youngest used to be so shy but he changed when he joined the school drama club.
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