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Echoing the others, it sounds fine to me. When my baby was just shy of six months old I found that (self-fed) meat caused a teensy amount of blood in his stool. Seeing this, I withheld it for another couple months in spite of his strong interest in eating it. When we next tried it there were no longer any ill effects.
Are you sure your supply is low? My babe is near yours in age and he sometimes flails his arms around while eating. I figured it was just exploration. He is so happy to be able to wiggle and touch or grab things. I am also still having to block feed to avoid green, mucusy poopies. I'm interested to see the other replies you receive.
If you were on any hormones to aid conception, that might explain it. Or if you were on hormonal BC until a few months ago, that might account for it as well. I have read that women typically retain extra hair during pregnancy and then shed the excess a few months after birth. Hormonal shifts of artificial origin could have the same effect, I'd think. I think it's unlikely the diet change would be the culprit, though I'm no expert of course. High levels of insulin tend...
Wow! You sound a lot like me. I've struggled with a number of symptoms but brain fog was the most debilitating, followed by tachycardia and breathlessness. I've got a crabby, teething baby here, so I won't be able to post in too much detail, but I'll tell you what has been working for me. Like you experienced, my symptoms got a bit better on a modified primal/paleo diet. However, I did not experience a huge improvement with the brain fog issue (and digestive issues)...
I wear them until they don't smell fresh anymore. Then I wash on cold or warm and hang to dry. I have a couple lacy Elle Macpherson nursing bras and they were supposed to be hand washed, I'm sure, but they're no worse for wear. I just make sure not to wash them with anything that might catch on them and tear the lace (I fasten hooks, button buttons, and zip zippers before loading).
Everybody comments either on his chubby cheeks or on how alert and conversational he is for his age.
I called when DS1 chewed up part of one of those thin advertisement magnets. I actually called the ped advice nurses first and they weren't certain, so they referred me to PC.
Quote: Originally Posted by onemomentatatime I'm starting to limit time spent in these contexts, which seems a shame to limit time with family, but I cannot change the environment and can't stand what happens when we're there. Anyone have any suggestions for helping my DD deal with such stimulation? I think it's fine to go ahead and limit the length and/or frequency of these visits, if that's what you are inclined to do. I figure that the point...
I would have prepared some kind of scrapbook ahead of time, so I could just pop the pictures and mementos into place. I'm not a particularly sentimental person, so I don't keep many things... but the ones I have kept are just in a box in the closet because I have no time right now to do anything constructive or creative with them. ETA: Oh yeah, and I would have organized my butt off in spite of the heat. I might have been uncomfortable, but later on it was impossible....
I used to think that an intact penis was "weird" and "looked funny". Then I did my research. Now when I think of circumcision, it is a sad thing. I think about generations upon generations of people slicing the genitals of infants and I think of that bizarre, complex web of cognitive dissonance supporting the practice. I can hardly believe now that there was a time I could think about infant circumcision and not be horrified. It truly feels like my eyes were opened.
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