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If they're wooden, why not boil them for 10 minutes? Then oil them and polish them.  
In theory, we vacuum the living room/dining room & hallways every day & it takes less than 10 minutes. In  reality, it's probably only 5 times a week.     We vacuum the bedrooms about once a week (dust first). I'd say maybe 10 or 15 minutes per bedroom - so 30-45 minutes. But that means under the bed and around the wardrobes & base boards and window frames.
Cook it plain and use it like rice or couscous? (2 cups of water to one of millet)   Make it more soupy as a porridge: Beijing-style millet porridge - 京式小米粥  Jingshi xiaomi zhou   Millet & Pumpkin porridge (sweet) - scroll down to the bottom of the page
Nothing special, no big deal. That's what we both felt comfortable with.   We had talked about menstruation on and off for years. I think I got some pads around the time I thought she might begin (so I'd be ready) and also some small tampons then when she started I gave them to her and explained how to put tampons in. I don't even really remember when exactly. She was 12, but I can't even remember if it was spring or winter. She's almost 17 now.  
If you eat meat...   Skewer the meat on rosemary branches, baste w/ olive oil & garlic and BBQ. Especially yummy w/ lamb or mutton.   Otherwise... Hang some to dry   Give some away to friends   Plant some of the cuttings, it can often root just by sticking it in soil.
One thing I used to do is when I had to reprimand one of my kids, I would take them to my room or their room - a space away from where other people could hear. I would try and keep it to no more than 3 minutes. Going to a different space and making a bit formal made them know I took it very seriously. 
The children take off their shoes when they enter our house and most other houses.   We parents do too. Why?  Mainly because it is the accepted polite thing to do, and because it keeps from tracking dirt into the house.   They keep their shoes on in the street and in other public areas. Why? Because we live in a city of millions and we think it would not be hygienic or safe for them to go barefoot on the sidewalks, streets, subways, buses, etc.
It's been years (my youngest baby will be 15 tomorrow)  but, since you asked:        Daily - usually after the big morning poo.   We lived (and still live) in a hot and humid climate and it helped the BBs be more comfortable.  
1) Encourage your husband to speak German all the time to the baby from the minute he or she is born.  This may be very hard, especially at first, because the baby cannot answer back.   2) When he speaks to the baby, do not ask him to translate what he said (this was a mistake I made).   3) Do not be discouraged that your baby's German will be weaker than his or her English   4) Try and visit Germany for a long visit (over a week) at least once a year. If you...
  Hi,   I'm Euro-American  married to a Hong Kong Chinese guy, living in Hong Kong. I would say it's better to try and share what you know and enjoy than it would be to ignore it.  For example, although I'm the "outsider" w/ Lunar New year in Hong Kong, as the Mama I'm the one who does a lot of the organizing  - mainly the traditional big spring cleaning & then decorating the house.   But, I think the key word is to celebrate; "preparing activities for her to learn about...
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