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Sterling silver flatware - use it every day & have the beauty and utility of it symbolize the the work & joy of your marriage. Sterling usually holds value well & if you buy "estate" silver, then basically you pay for the weight of it.  At a place like Beverly Bremer, you can buy a 4-piece dinner setting for about that price
Lots of yoghurt does this after successive batches. I just go out and buy another batch as starter when it gets so sour that my DH complains (usually a few months, and we make yoghurt more than once a week).
I think I've posted some of this on other threads, but here goes.   1. Tell him he has the right to have his emotions & feelings but he does not have the right to make the rest of the household miserable with them. Sometimes alone time is useful (for him, or for you).    2. Teach him about how emotions can be experienced as waves, and that when he is feeling them intensely he can try and "surf" them - not let them tumble him around   3. Try to help him to articulate...
Not too hard to make. Go to your local library and get a recipe book, or go  look through these recipes: http://www.recipesource.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?search_string=falafel&filter=off&dir=.%2Fmunchies%2Fappetizers   During Lent, I'll make a bunch on the weekends in batches.
Traditional Chinese sweet tofu recipes called "Doufu Hua" or in Cantonese "Dofu Fa"   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douhua   http://en.christinesrecipes.com/2008/06/tofu-fa-recipe-chinese-dessert.html   http://www.iatemywaythrough.com/2011/08/tofu_fa/   http://www.iatemywaythrough.com/2011/08/tofu_fa/
Near door - hooks for coats, cubby-holes for scarves & hats; rack for umbrellas?   Next area up - outdoor shoes/indoor shoe changing area (shelves + hook for shoe-horn)   ? Back-packs? I would avoid that area for keeping back-packs, because often you or your kids will have to go through it and put stuff into it ion the house
Have you discussed your concerns with your son's father?   Other than that, I would just kind of downplay it - say "Yes, Greek culture is great - but lots of other cultures have contributed a lot too. There is good and bad in all cultures and rather than focus pride or shame on  what our relatives do or have done, think about how you can contribute to the world yourself..."
Absolutely exhausting!   I helped out in the last week when my step-dad was dying at home (leukemia - home hospice) and there were 5 to 6 of us helping & it was still very rough! Helping and comforting the dying is an enormous task & you are very brave for taking on your dad's care all by yourself. Give yourself permission to feel angry, irritable, sad, and aware of how unfair it all is.  As for your friends, if they have gone through iyt, they should understand & if...
Yup, Epiphany (Jan 6th) as well. I usually put them up in the second week of Advent, but when the kids leave home - I think I may become more "liturgically correct" & put them up on X-mas eve.
Does she like to read - you could take her to the Library & get more books.   Does she like to cook? Draw? Does she know how to play solitaire? Build card houses? Soduko? Crosswords? Needle-point? Knitting? Collage w/ old magazines.   I think the "you'll figure something out"  might be a good way to start with.   Then there is the dreadful parental "You're bored? Here's a job for you..." (polishing silver, washing windows, tidying her room, sorting her clothes....)
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