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I think you've gotten a lot of good advice & perspective so far. I definitely agree that some parents do much better when a child is old enough to speak and walk and interact. I loved my kids as babies, but really began to *ENJOY* them when they got old enough to speak and converse with.   You have also mentioned that most of his family is on another continent. Maybe he misses them terribly & is grieving? Maybe your family might benefit from moving closer to his family?
I agree with this one. It sounds to me like OP is trying to woo her daughter, bending over backwards to get a 12-year-old kid to deign to give her approval. Instead, it may be better to act robustly, insist on at least the forms of politeness (Good morning, good night, please, thank you, etc.) and  stop doing extras unless she shows a change of attitude. I read in a book by Wendy Mogel that all kids are entitled to good healthful food, clothes appropriate to the weather,...
I don't know your relationship w/ these women, but I'm at a friend's house, I am not too shy to ask for a cup of coffee or tea if that's what I want. :)   At a really good friend's house, I'll ask her where she keeps the coffee and start a pot!
 I also found that to be a fairly useful book. However, we also found that we had to help our son structure his time & give him support. This sometime took the form of reminding & helping (e.g. father helping him w/ his Chinese writing as supplemental work; me giving suggestions & comments for English writing). Sometimes it was nagging. Sometimes it was total lack of sympathy when he brought in  poor grades when we saw he hadn't done much work. Now at 15 he is much more...
Lead the music? Aretha Franklin!!!   But even she might have a hard time w/ our church - many seem to be tone-deaf and our choir sometimes goes flat, but we do our best to make s joyful noise.
By living in hope
I would say that *both* my kids (dd [17] & ds [15]) became easier for me and DH as they got older.  For both kids,  there was a while when their puberty was starting and they got a bit testy or cranky, but not a big problem.   However, the issues seem bigger - choosing educational paths and careers are much bigger deals than things they faced as young children. Also, they have some friends who are dealing with tough issues and problems and they (my kids) have had to learn...
No. 1 top choice for ease : Previous evening's leftovers  (re-heated & in a wide-mouth thermos)   Other ideas:   Falafels   Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat   Peanut butter on  muffins   Vegetarian fried rice   Vegetarian spaghetti   Vegetarian fried noodles   Cheese sandwich   Egg salad sandwich   Hard boiled eggs   Bread and butter,   Cheese raviolis   Lentil & rice salad   Baked potato
Because I like to eat meat.   Because I don't think eating meat is bad for health.   Because I don't think it is immoral to eat meat.
No, DH irons.
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