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I moved a fair amount when I was single, so I usually bought non-breakable ornaments (wood, metal, cloth). When I got married and had kids, I kept that up. A few years ago, I got a few breakable ones made out of porcelain, and I have one glass one. Those I wrap in newspaper& then put in a shoe-box. The rest go loose inside a plastic box which fits in the bottom of my daughter's wardrobe.   The wreath goes in a plastic bag (usually one from the supermarket). The...
    If I were in your shoes, I would probably try and come down a bit heavier, because you seem to be worried and not pleased w/ how things are going. But, I am not you.  I don't know what to recommend, other than maybe you should try and see a counselor IRL, locally. At least she or he might help you to clarify your thinking and point you to useful local resources.
    1) School Why would taking a bus to school be unacceptable? Is it the cost, or do you fear for her safety? If she went to a school that she liked, perhaps a bus journey could be worth it. Some kids in NYC travel quite a distance to go to their high school of choice, bus and then transfer to the subway.   2) Boyfriend Tell him if he continues to help her skip school, he is breaking the law. I think that it can be considered "contributing to the delinquency...
Hykue,   That would be my take on it as well (the guy is the more frequent rider). I just found them by googling "families on motorcycles", so I don't know the story.
Different families and cultures have different norms.
Yes, I do.    I try to do that in my own life and advise and model and help my kids work out the balances between:   autonomy /  interdependence individual desires / community norms and needs complete honesty /  tact kindness / overbearingness gratification now / delayed gratification   There's no magic formula that I have found yet :)
Different spelling games my husband and I played w/ my kids (bright, but I don't know if "gifted")   * Scrabble  - you can make new rules about dictionary use if you want   * Hangman - all you need is paper and a pen   * word polygon - m y daily newspaper has it as a puzzle and I like to play it & my kids sometimes watch or try to help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Word_polygon  
Not really "whacky" - but things I've done or do   Buy a chicken w/ gizzards inside - save up the livers in the freezer for chopped liver at a later date.   If a chicken or duck comes with feet & heads - save for soup or porridge. Same with fish heads.   Left-over rice = rice porridge for breakfast & fried rice for lunch the next day   Don't pour dressing on entire lettuce salad - let individuals dress their own portions. That way any left-over lettuce...
The various drafts of my thesis kept my family in scrap paper and drawing paper for years . Only this year (5 years after thesis submission) have we finally used it all up.  
After I mended the old pillow cases several times, I've "retired" them to gift-bag duty. They sit in my wardrobe and then I bring them out at X-mas and on birthdays for "wrapping".  
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