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       That is sooooooo how I feel!!!
Oh yes, I am leaking a bit sometimes... It is pretty funny. I will admit early on I found sposies to be the best for me. Eventually I got some german wool pads and a few cotton pads... I liked how soft the wool ones were, but sometimes they stimulated a let down.   I also always had an extra shirt on hand and wild bright patterns and quick drying synthetics are great for postpartum... LOL in case you have to worry about such things.... Also spilling a cup of water...
There are many good reasons to risk me out of homebirth- bicornuate uterus, previous loss, previous PTL, gestational diabetes.... plus my gut just started to feel like it wasnt the best fit. Not to mention because my life is so blessed with midwives- I had 6 different "2nd" opinions with midwives of varying experience.... all of which were "We wouldn't feel comfortable attending your birth at home"   HOWEVER, I feel lucky that a local hospital midwife practice is...
After this past week. I might not want to be the next person who says to me how happy they are that I am not having a homebirth. I am also getting REAL tired of "all that matters is a healthy baby." Actually the health of mom matters quiet a bit and studies have shown that the psychological health of the mother and her perception of birth deeply impacts the first year of growth for the baby.....   Really because a mom dealing with the fact that she no longer...
No worries!
I've received 4 mailings so far! Almost there. Please forward postage to my Paypal account if you forget to include return postage. Thanks so much!!
I finally decided to start insulin overnight to see if it will help with fasting numbers. However they were the same. However I had 2 snacks, one because I was hungry and another because it was a routine but it made me feel nauseous and I didn't finish it. My number was 134 this morning! Eeeee they told me I could go up 3 more units on the dosage so I will tonight. However this is creating a different type of stress, the whole financial aspect of this. My insurance refuses...
4-8 weeks for me
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