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I did give it up however this morning I tried it again and I went right up.
I see my endocrinologist tomorrow. they might recommend insulin, but I will refuse it. From my understanding the fasting number significance vs after meals number significance is disputable. Since my after meals average 112 I am not worried.   I will see after tomorrow what they think. Really they can't "make" me do anything... I personally don't believe there is enough conclusive data to support using insulin in my case personally, but we will see.   -alisa
Anyone else feeling like the baby had dropped some?
Everything jr'smom said I agree with. Light touch chiropractic (which is what is is also called in my parts) is another option indeed. I don't see a chiropractor but rather and osteopath regually (it is covered by my insurance) and I couple it with regular massage.
Maia my friend's mom makes the most AMAZING dandilion tea: http://forageporage.wordpress.com/tag/tea/   Seriously worth the work and so yummy.
My average fasting would be like 125
My fasting was high last night 137... however I think it was an off # too... I had a rough night last night... was from 3-5am
I had berries (2 small handfuls) plain yogurt and avocado with cinnamon on it.
Could you do a ritual bath with them?
Ok, so I tested this morning an hour after breakfast and my level was 171 but 2 hours after I tested at 90!!! However I didn't wash my hands before the first test and wondering if I picked up something from the berries I ate for breakfast on my hands? (is it really gross I didn't wash my hands before testing? I did wash them before testing 2 hours out.)   Thoughts? I was also incredibly stressed this morning- like super crying on the toilet and freaking out over...
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