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I can't tell on my iPod if this is your first baby. I found when my water broke taking a shower and squatting in it helped to get things going. Not sure where you're giving birth but if you can I would recommend (if you were my client) eating something with lots of protein and then trying to get some sleep if you can. I am hoping things pick up for you mamma!!
Oh I hope you post an update. Thinking of you!
Welcome to the world little one! Hope mama is feeling well.
Amazing how much we know and what our bodies can do. Thank you for sharing.
Oh so cute
I'm feeling you. My mil will come visit today. I'll see how it goes but really I feel so sad at how detached DH family is, especially since my family is as close as they can be given the situation. When my dad was alive he made a point to see dd at least once a month. My in laws typically will see he 2-3 times a year at holidays/birthday- if we make the effort to bring her to them.
I found toward the end of pregnancy if I had chocolate milk with some cinnamon around 10 pm my fasting numbers were perfect. Maybe you need to play around with snacks at bedtime?
That is super exciting!!!!!
Take the sleep when it comes. :-) it was about a week and a half after mine started to come out. Of course with dd it was a few hours before my water broke that I lost mine.
A solstice baby! Hoping the safest most loving birth possible presents itself for you mama.
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