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  That is SUPER!
I am a certifies doula and community advocate. I enjoy spending time in the community with those who are committed to spiritual growth and development. For the $$ I am in financial administation for a Museum. My DH works for an armored vehicle comany.
Hey all I am 10 weeks by date of LMP and 8 weeks by u/s (really the same)... I swear I felt flutters yesterday and a little today. It seems only to happen when I am sitting at my desk just so, Seems so early to be feeling it, but this isn't my first pregnancy and I recall feeling similar sensations occasionally with 2 other pregnancies (my "full" term and the late miscarriage).   Anyone else feeling it? I know they say it is most likely gas at this point (I am a...
I know with my partner I told him "Look I don't want you to be anything you don't want to be, however I am realizing that being in this relationship I am not being true to myself. But more importantly I am not setting a good example for our daughter as to what a healthy relationship looks like. I want to make this work but as of right now I am only willing to try if you are and I would need you to take action this week. This would look like you scheduling and keeping a...
I often feel worse when I take them. And I only take them 2-3x a week. Do you have one you like? Or tolerate? My Dr recommended children's chewables.
Trying to catch up on all the posts. Welcome to November.
I have been craving hashbronws and peanut butter and jelly- they other day I really wanted onion and mushroom pizza. DH is delighted my healthy eating has been put to the curb for now! (I am trying... but much like my previous pregnancies somethings I can't even look at- like butternut anything... which is (was?) one of my favorite squashes!)
Shapeshifter what guise do you take on today? How will you dance the sacred dance with our ancestors approaching the veil. Softly step with ears alert, they are as close now as in the flesh and their words are not spoken in the language of this world. They speak the language of love and eternity, it is one you see, taste and feel before it ruptures in song for you to dance or drum with. May your travels awaken you to a new way.   Happy Samhain and soon to be Día de...
 I am blessed my hubby is sooo helpful. Sometimes I tell myself stories about how he irritates me, but I know how helpful he is. I wish you had more support so your body could get the rest and nourishment it needs.
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