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    Epison, for me I take issue with how the data collected from an u/c can significantly impact a mother's care model. While I see them as a great complimentary care test when needed (or wanted) I have seen through my work the difference women's care based off this test. (I am a doula)   For me it isn't so much the inherent dangers of the test but rather how care can quickly shift to fix a problem which isn't always there. Additionaly the idea of playing with EDD based...
if she could tell from a profile shot, my guess is a boy (you know because a girl would have things tucked away. )   Often it is a different angle they tell from, so I am curious if the image she guess from is one she didn't give you.
Today I give thanks for hearing the heartbeat during the internal u/s and for a fabulous community who is care taking me! Oh and very thankful many of my dear friends are midwives/doulas and support awesome support.
yes the symptom inventory- I did that for awhile but it makes me too anxious. Now I am floating in surrender of it will or wont be. I did have an ultrasound today which has helped a WHOLE LOT!!! Not that I am a big fan of u/s but they are useful at times. Now I can sleep.
    I think often we spend so much time demonizing the medical world. I feel there are no bad interventions, just bad uses. Not all providers are bad and we are responsible for our care as much as our provider.   Thank you for reminding me that all providers are human, even if I do not agree with procedural processes most institutions put in place for liability. (which are not always provider driven)
Thanks, I am feeling better. My friend (a midwife) told me double your protien ans see if it helps. I did and feel 100% better.
  OH I LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you!!!! I am a huge fan of Kellianna and her Ancestors Song. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kellianna2   I am actually working on a cd of chants/songs and feel an ancestor song coming soon (inspired by my 2yr apprenticeship with ALisa Starkweather.) I love hearing a new sound so thank you thank you thank you!!!
I had an ultrasound this morning to check in on things, after having some losses in the past it is assuring to see and settle in. So happy to hear the little heartbeat thumping away at a rate of 126.  I am measuring 6w4d which make sense on timing and such. Though it is confusing at times talking about how far along you are- since it can either go by measure or by date of last period. From measure I am about one week from my ovulation so the variance is small!! From the...
For those of us for whatever reason make the choice to use ultrasounds during our pregnancys.   I figured one thread for all of us might be a good way to keep the conversation going in one place. Anyone else out there deciding to use u/s?
  Thanks for sharing this, it is an important read indeed. I do wonder what it would look like if the sources used were updated to currents stats   I shutter to think. Our family decided on the 2 because it felt right after the losses we have had. However I do agree with the general overuse of u/s and the 3D/4D ones make me so nervous!!!!   I actually had an u/s this morning and all looks lovely. will post another thread so not to hijack.
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