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Ive tried all that jokingly- but then all I hear is "oh you're not having the baby now are you?" OR "don't worry, this random dude knows how to deliver babies" (ummm I am sure I can figure it out if I have to actually).... My sister says every time I call or move and inch "is it now, do we need to go to the hospital now." I had told her oh, I am starting to have practice labor and she was like "we should get you to the hospital so I can see the baby soon" I keep telling...
The week is with Earth Spirit Community in the corner of Mass next to NY and CT... I live about 2-2.5hrs from Worcester- grew up out there though. There are a few Red Tents out there- Fitchburg, Grafton, Worcester....
I am hating the question "when is your due date" or "when is your 'real'/actual due date"- just done with it by now.
Feeling so alive and tired in one. Coming off my final weekend for the 2 year women's mystery school apprenticeship and feeling so pregnant! LOL this week was to be the annual gathering with my pagan tribe but because I am uber pregnant I didn't want to invest $1000 to have us all go for a week and then have to leave because I am in labor... (It isn't very far from my house but it is a container so coming and going isn't really an option... so also I was discouraged at...
    Best news EVER!!! I remember being in the hospital way too long with my DD.... and I am celebrating with you Mama!!!!!!!!!
Oh I love it!!!
Ahhh I was in a hurry I forgot to include clasps and wire for you all!!!
Lisa Thiel, Alice Di Micele (circle of women), mamuse, Ruth Barrett,
Revolting I have some: kelianna, copperwoman, lindie Lila, circle round (starhawk), shawna carrol, a drumming cd, sj tucker,
This is most probably the last one for our family. I am feeling mixed about it but after this pregnancy I don't know I want to do it all over again. This is the 5th time I have been pregnant and our second earth dweller (spirit willing). DH is set on the number and to be honest at 32 I am feeling ready to move on in the process. Really this baby was motivated by my dad getting really sick, it just reminded me how much I want a family for my daughter and put into...
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