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Yes I have been having boughts of depression. Ugh And this is the gestational diabetes thread. :-) hugs
My work is pretty flexible too, I could show up and they would be fine. However I doubt I'll make it to June 1.
Just 2 mama's beads to received (I believed they will be mailed soon.)  Also waiting on one paypal payment for shipping. Very excited, the beads are so pretty!
      I feel both of these. The other thing to consider is statelaw for school/daycare policy. Some states make it impossible to attend publicly regulated schools/daycares without vaccinations and/or with an all or nothing approach. We use a religious exemption to get out of vaccinating- but it is a lot of paperwork. With DD we were pressured into the first few rounds- though they were delayed because the DRs didn't want to give them to her since she was early/so young....
Today marks one month until I am on maternity leave- for some reason that is more enticing to track.... LOL My EDD is June 3, by LMP and June 15th by and early dating ultrasound.... I am banking on May 24th
I have this and find my Osteopath to be a huge help... and the massage therapist.
No words can really suffice here. Holding you in my heart.     here is a link to an area on mothering.com I have found useful in my own journey of loss. http://www.mothering.com/community/f/22/pregnancy-and-birth-loss
I feel like it is mixed. I feel often most women who share those stories from my experience (I facilitate a lot of women's circles including birth circles) are looking to heal from the experiences they had. Sometimes we are sucked down the drain of intervention. Even myself who is pretty educated and empowered have stories that are not "perfect" and I sometimes feel judged by others that perhaps I haven't tried hard enough to have a natural picture perfect homebirth. I...
Oh thank goodness it isn't just me!!!! People were making me think I am the only person who gets like this the end of pregnancy. Sigh I feel like a tornado or Tasmanian devil (cartoon version) ..... Ahhh I noticed I have 31 days until maternity leave starts.
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