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what stood out to me is that you sound like an excellent, caring, totally overworked mother with a very intelligent, quick minded son.    hugs. 
talk to me about Cameroonian parenting styles?  What are dad's strengths and weaknesses?  what are the child's good points?    I'm sorry his outbursts are so scary dangerous.  how hard this must be for you and your kiddos!
his mom sent him away when he was four or five would be the first direction I'd go in terms of figuring out what is going on.  who is his primary bond with right now?
You'll be okay with money, and Pittsburgh has a sweet midwestern feel too it, actually. Can be wonderful area for families. Good luck!
I really don't think there's a right answer here, unless there is some gut feeling that the placement is not appropriate, and that could happen w same gendered sibs as well.  Doesn't have to be a sexually charged issue, either. 
I think you are doing amazing mama!  Hugs!  One of mine was this way too, but not quite as rough, and I doubt it's you as much as temperament, honestly.    Can you possibly hire someone to help for just a few days so you can get a respite?  I know you'de likely need to be part time night parenting, but some stretches of sleep may equall deserved sanity.    THinking of you. 
Edelweiss, not Adelweiss, which I switched to on second thought after first spelling Adelvice, lol. 
I love this thread.    Three little birds here too!  Also Cat Stevens--Wide World, Oh Very Young, Peace Train, Wind, Moonshadow, Kebmo--various, Burl Ives--Green Grass Grew All Around and Froggie Went a Courting   Also Adelweiss and anything SOund of Music/ 
ha!  kids are adorable.    my once eleven year old said that 'black ops'--I think a war game--was a code only, and the real name of the game was "The Happy Rainbow."    LOL. no go, but very cute. 
thank you for understanding that it was horrible, laura!  it was, and I feel silly needing to say that. it's so rediculous but even 30 years later I still feel a little bit ashamed that I disobeyed with the humming and got into trouble like that.  I guess that's why this should absolutely be illegal. Because it's damaging to the psyche?   maybe re: class.  i don't know.  I work with teens who are from the inner city and beating with a belt is still pretty common in the...
New Posts  All Forums: