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DS was born 6 lbs. 5 oz., 20 inches long. At his 2mo. well-baby, he was 9 lbs. 13 oz., and 22 inches long. Since he was two weeks, he's had a lot of trouble with spitting up; it's only just getting under control and he's growing fast.
Little One is having nap/sleep issues, too. I think part of the problem is the house is too bright and noisy. I have to take him to a dark, quiet room and rock and nurse him to sleep. For naps, I'm lucky if he'll stay down for half an hour to three hours at a time. At night, we get some two hour stretches and maybe a three hour stretch. Then some nights he's up or fussing frequently after 1AM. I wish I had some input, but I'm just as stumped.
I got the Mirena. So far, so good. I had some light cramping from time to time afterward, but that's all.
Quote: Originally Posted by madsommer Any one gearing up to do this? I wanted to try last year, but didn't have the confidence. Now that I'm really focused on getting back into writing, I think I'd like to give it a go this year. If you did it last year, do you have any tips you could recommend for getting started? Did you already have an idea or ideas set in place about what you wanted to write before the actual month started? I've...
If you really like the bumper, you could make it into a wall-hanging or little pillows for when the kiddo is older.
DS is nine weeks. He's smiling and babbling and still hates the carseat and doesn't have a sleep schedule. I took him to a cariologist yesterday to check on a heart murmur -- the ultrasound was perfect and it's nothing to worry about. He has gained almost three inches in length, and two pounds since his one month check up. The two month check up is tomorrow. I'm anxious about getting him vaxed. I don't feel comfortable with it, but nobody is listening to me. I... could...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenna. Joined MDC just to post this. My daughter Caitlin also goes to Midcoast Primary Care. In the last year we've seen all 5 doctors at least once. I prefer David Enright, but you may want to try to see Amina Hanna. I'll say, Dr. Wnek was my least favorite of the five. Nothing personal against her, she's a nice lady and was really good with Caitie... I just prefer a different kind of doctor, y'know? And yes, their...
DS is six weeks and a couple days. He's growing like a weed -- he feels a lot heavier this week than last! So I guess the spitting up issues aren't anything to worry about. He's had less projectile vomiting. He started smiling Sunday or Monday morning. : It was dark and I was half-asleep, so I thought I'd dreamed those goofy, open-mouthed grins. Sleep is still an issue. I think he had me up every hour from 1:00 to 7:00 this morning. :
We've used the ones that came with our Evenflo pump. The package of Dr. Brown bottles has been opened and washed, but not sure if any have been used. I've had frequent disagreements with the rest of the family about using bottles and pacis. DS only takes a paci under protest (that's my boy! ).
Quote: Originally Posted by erthe_mama Awww... boo-urns. If you lived in my area, I could get you a 2bdrm for $375, but it probably still wouldn't be big enough I s'pose. I hope one comes up for you all though! And thanks! Wow... I wish I could find a place for $375, even if it was just me and the kiddo. The cost of housing in these parts is insane. The couple and I were discussing holidays, yesterday. My parents divorced when I was a...
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