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We have a sweets  section in the cabnit.No  issues with the kids.Dh on the other hand could eat a bag of chocolate in one sitting!
Very sorry for your loss. Prayers for your friend and her family and you.
 I won't give any money. My dh on the other hand is often hit up at truck stops and instead of cash he offers to fill their tanks or buy them lunch.They usually disappear by the time he returns from paying.    I recall an elderly man being beaten in walmart with a bat after he refused to give someone money.Always be cautious when giving money.    I prefer to donate food,supplies,and toys to women/children shelters.On the street I will not give money.
Best to ask than wonder all kinds of things.
I would not vaccinate my child for herd sake. I would not risk a vaccine injury for the sake of someone elses child.When injury or death occurs people just walk away and leave you to deal with it.
My Easter Eggers(EE that give blue eggs) are about 2 years old.I have 1 RSL hen that is 3.I broke down and put a fluorescent bulb in the coop,and 2 weeks later I started getting eggs again.About 3-5 a day. I keep the light on for about 12 hours a day.
 I would decline. I was more at risk working in a hospital and nursing home. I agreed to the vaccine and it resulted in injury. I was no longer able to work as a result of the vaccine injury. Will his workplace compensate him if he is injured? They will probably have him sign a waiver that THEY are not responsible for any vax related injury.   There is always a risk.He will have to weigh in on what is best for him.If he does get the vaccine be sure he gets the lot...
Tetanus can be anywhere.I have read of people getting it from a thorn or bee sting. I suppose it could happen. You would want a TIG post injury not an actual tetanus vaccine if you have not had ANY tetanus vaccines.People who have had the vaccine before usually get a tetanus booster post injury.   Yes, tetanus is a concern and often the one vaccine people are reluctant to give up. I recall a mom giving just the T and after the second dose the kids got horrid ear...
Could try a family doctor.I know premature babies  are treated differently. I would keep shoppig around.Even try seeing a holistic doctor to get names. I recall asking for a decent ped at the hfs/chiro.
Vax injury,No one cared.Why subject the kids to the same risk with the same outcome?   I say start with the vaccine inserts. Research for yourself how vax related injuries are treated.Ask a doctor how he/she would treat your child if they had a specific injury.   Look at what to expect with the national vaccine injury compensation process. Look at the diseases and treatment options.Look at the disease stats for your area. Look at the ingredients in each...
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