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Time to borrow money from your parents again and leave.You tried. The prenup would have been the trigger for me to move on. You still gave it a chance.Better to admit  it is not working out and leave.You and the kids will be happier alone.Staying would be worse that leaving.
If it is close stop by and drop it off. I often went in person to speed up the process. Either way you should be fine.Does your state require testing or a teacher evaluation at the end of the year(to be submitted in the next years letter of intent)? I did IOWA testing when I had my kids at home.Got the tests through Piedmont in NC.
Lysol spray.TTO or GSE in water mix.
If you can not take the dog,and there is no other home options then you should consider euthanising your dog.Better to be put down in a peaceful manner than left in a shelter until killed with a heart stick.   It is to bad you can not take the dog,however the kids will get over it. I always worried when I had to tell the kids about a pet dying.They would cry and move on. Perhaps you can get some other pet that is permitted in the apartments.If you plan to move soon...
Loaned out a tool kit worth about $200 to a relative.Was in new condition.Tools came back covered in paint,caulk,and joint compound.Relative got annoyed when I pointed out missing tools.Took over a month to get him to replace those. I never said how disappointed I was to see tools returned in such condition,but it reminded me never to loan out items even to family. I would never do that to someone.    I always hate how many kids would be a careless with my kids...
    If you are not happy with the results from the school consider another class or school.I pulled my child out of K 4 years ago due the schools failure to provide a safe learning environment. Lack of safety and stress due to bully behavior resulted in a decrease in learning,and increased negative behavior/outbursts outside of school.
Walk or have her ride something. I have seen kid tri's and bikes that have an optional bar attached so you can push.Even a step 2 wagon might be a better option.  
I have read the jail threats to. Mostly just social workers,doctors,nurses that try this tactic with parents to get them to vaccinate. Some do vax out of fear.Schools do this jail threat along with keeping kids out of school,and ofcourse do not mention exemptions.   Some kids get pulled from homes,and while in state care might get vaxed. It happens. I never got a jail threat,but I was told VERY strongly by doctors that my newborn would DIE if she was not given the...
They could run a camera down into the pipes to see if the pipes need replacing. If you are lucky they can just gut out the roots.I would remove any trees I could  and grind the stumps. I love trees but not anywhere near the pipes! I would recommend a neighbor remove the tree.If they did not I would charge them for any plumping costs this time AND make them liable for future damage,because the tree roots will invade the plumbing again and again.   She can pay once to...
Glad to read you got a dx. I would recommend the book Smart Medicine for a Healthy Child by Janet Zand.There are some pages online at http://www.healthy.net   Gives both allopathic and alternative recommedation for various issues.
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