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FYI- Dr. Hanke is leaving (she is my Dr). She is a fabulous Dr and is going to ME to practice,   How about Dr. Kendra Becker? She is in Mystic...Great person and Dr!
My friend had a VBAC 4 years ago at L&M hospital in New London with Shoreline OBGYN....not sure if they still will do them now or not.   I see Dr. Byrd in Middletown (Harbor Park OBGYN) but I am not sure if she does VBACS??    Good Luck!
I love Dr. Byrd. She delivered both my girls at Middlesex. IMO she leaves everything up to the patient, She will give you her opinion but it not pushy at all. She has another Dr in there as well...Dr. St, Charles. I have never seen her but have heard good things about her as well. They are HarborPark ObGYN on S. Main St. I loved Middlesex as well...the nurses were great and let me do my own thing. Good Luck if you have anymore questions, just PM me.
What part of CT are you in?
Have you checked with Gales Ferry Pediatrics? I have heard good things about them. I actually grew up in Norwich and I know Norwich Pediatric is very pro-vax and would prob give you a hard time. Is East Hampton too far for you to drive? East Hampton Family Practice is great. Dr. Hanke is really good and I have heard good things about them.
Quote: Originally Posted by greenmama07 Thanks! Now I just have to find a Doctor in this area that will accept DS as a patient. The one I wanted to go to is 45min to 1hr away and it was just too far to go if he gets sick. His old Dr. is about that far away now too. Call Kendra Musante in Mystic...she is an awesome person and wonderful Dr.
Dr Byrd in M-town delivered both my girls..I absolutely love her. IMO she totally is all about leaving the ultimate choice up to the patient. I referred my neighbor to her and 6 weeks before she delivered she decided she wanted a HB. She told Dr. Byrd and she was completely cool with it no lectures wished her the best of luck. She has a new Dr that she brought in a year ago, Dr. St. Charles who I also have heard great things about her as well. The name of her...
My SIL had the mumps about 6 mths ago. It also took them a couple days to give her the official diagnosis. She was in some pain for the first few days but after about a week or so she was much better and has had no type of side effects. Hope your child is feeling better soon and it stays away from the others!
I highly recommend Dr. Kendra Becker. She is very open to selective/no vax. Here is her info: Besides being a great Dr she is a really great person. Dr. Kendra Becker Family Nurse Practitioner and Naturopathic Doctor Coastal Chiropractic and Family Wellness Centre 23 Clara Drive, Suite 105 Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 572-7711 www.fwcmystic.com
Hi all- I am looking for a new hairdresser that can do good highlights as well as cutting. I live in Colchester so I can either go towards Glastonbury or the other way towards Waterford. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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