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I'm so very sorry Leanne. I was hoping for a much better outcome for you and everyone else going through uncertainty. My thoughts are with you as you go through this horrible time. I also just read about your friend and am heartbroken that it's happening to both of you at the same time. Not at all the happy experience you so deserve to share.
Sounds like pregnancy brain to me! ;)
I saw your post earlier but was afraid to be honest until now that I've seen others say the same thing - I wouldn't tell him if I were you. It feels morally wrong not to let him know but I can't see how anything good could come of it, and perhaps a lot of scary bad could unfold. He sounds like someone with very serious problems who could use the knowledge in dangerous ways (to control you or the child). I'm not sure what you tell your child later - that part of it needs...
Hi everyone - this question may be better for the wider group in the general pregnancy board but I thought I'd try here first. I used Hypnobabies for both my previous pregnancies and will again this time. I LOOOOOVED it and I really think it helped me a lot. Both my births were wonderful and I still recall the background music when I'm stressed out. I even listened to some tracks during painful tattoo removal a while ago! Anyhow, I bought my set on ebay in 2008. I gave...
I also hesitated to respond but am interested in helping out. However, I want to give this another 2 weeks or so before committing to anything. With my last two pregnancies, I got so horridly nauseous that I lost interest in everything and stopped participating in my DDCs. :( I'm feeling much better so far this time but want to be sure it's going to stay that way. Assuming I'm able to, I'll check in again later to see if you still need help.   You're doing a fabulous job...
Just wanted to add - GBS in urine and in the birth canal may be two different things, I don't know. If you have a UTI, then definitely treat now (grapefruit seed extract or pure cranberry should do it) but still retest closer to the birth to see if that IV is really necessary.
I would treat it now either with antibiotics or try a natural remedy such as grapefruit seed extract then retest. Or just leave it alone for now (it's a normal common occurrence that can come and go) and retest closer to your due date. You may be positive today but negative in eight months! Here, they don't test for it until about 30 weeks and its with a vaginal swab. I was positive with DS1 and very uncomfortable with the idea of iv antibiotics during birth so researched...
So happy for you!!!
I had mine dehydrated, ground to a powder and encapsulated. My midwife froze it first (without me realizing it, I wasn't clear when I said I wanted to keep it) but the doula said she prefers to work with fresh/raw so I'll try to get it to her fresh this time. I think eating it gave me a huge boost but I'm a picky eater and never could have fried it up or put it in a smoothie, capsules were the perfect option for me.
Any update MountainMama2Be? I really hope that you got great news today and that you're busy celebrating. My thoughts are with you and everyone who is feeling uncertain about your pregnancies right now. 
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