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I would get a wool cover to try, but also I would try the Happy Heiny One size diapers. They should get you through potty training and are awesome. They come in snaps now too. If you really want 18, you may go over budget with a few accessories (wet bag is a must for me, but other than that...) But it would last you more than a year and through another child possibly, if thats in the cards. IMO
I wish I had something to say that could help you with your situation. My MIL recently suffered brain damage and sorting out the best way to care for her is still a challenge (especially with so many opinions from family members). My thoughts are with you as you work together to make the best decisions for your MIL.:
I believe it is only the print diapers that are not quite as waterproof. The manufacturer states that these diapers are good for daytime, but not necessarily overnight. I have used the solid colour diapers lots without any problems. I don't know if this helps. Oh, I just wanted to add that the cow print, Silly Monkeys and Peace bears (the last two only come in the one size diapers) are the same material as the solids and should not have any leaking problems.
Wow, I do like this thread. I dont consider myself truely crunchy. I just share many of the same beliefs. I too am very torn on vaccinations, its because I was trained in medicine before I was trained in motherhood I guess. I am going back to work in a week (today is my baby's first birthday) and I work in the NICU. I am feel that my former and current (changing jobs to be closer to home) hospitals are great. They definately support breastfeeding and keeping the babe with...
About the NICU pushing Vax...I know that in my NICU we (nurses) are told to strongly suggest Vax, if parents say no, we get a doctor. To tell you the truth it hasn't ever happened to me. I think (and I definately dont mean this to be offensive) by the time we are talking about vaccinations, many parents are just so willing to "go with the flow", they don't question it. Also some parents may have not had the conversation about vaccinations because their babies were so...
My 3 year old sticks his fingers in butter and licks them when I am not looking, I will come back and find holes in the butter. But he is only 26 lbs at 3.5 yrs. He can afford the fat. I wish I could!
My One year old (Today is a super soaker. He will soak through disposables overnight. I always use a pocket fitted with 2-3 hemp/micro fiber inserts (Happy Heinys Stuffins are great). With a cover. I find fitteds and covers are the only way to go overnight. I use all pockets or AIOs during the day. If disposables work, this should, because for me disposables wont work and this does.
I seached for Diaper Diva a while back before I started my business, but the webiste was non-functioning. I checked back just now and it is still down. Where is your cousin located? I do free cloth diapering consultations in the lower mainland. Contact me directly if you are interested.
Wow, that sounds like an awesome experience for your family. I can't wait to see the website updated with your journey. I would love to do that one day.
So we celebrated my son's first birthday today at my in laws and my sister and brother in law gave my us the best gift. They gave him a shirt and when we read the front it said, "cousin to be". My kids are getting their first cousin in July! We are thrilled. Its funny because when we were expecting our DS #2 we put a shirt on my DS #1 that said "brother to be". It was awesome and we are all so happy. I am worried she is telling a little soon (only 7 weeks), but...
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