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You guys kinda just scared me a little. I have a almost 1 year old, who has been a nursing machine since 3 minutes old, and I was planning on TTC starting feb/march. I have always had waaaaaaaay too much milk (still leaking like crazy after a year), so I hope that will work in my favour. I was planning on tandem nursing, or at least get to two years. We'll see I guess. Catherine Mom of 2 beautiful boys, ages 3.5 and turning 1 in 2 days. Surrey, BC
I thought my ds #2 was early to have 8 teeth by 7 months. I guess that was just because I was comparing him to ds#1 that had no teeth until almost 1. Now my youngest is 2 days from turning 1 and I think he is working on the next few teeth. Oh the joy of parenting! Catherine
My baby was in the hospital at 5 months and I used their pump for a couple of days and it did make a difference. The pumping action was different than my double electric Avent pump. It was a medela. It also changed patter after the milk let down. You could adjust the strength, which may help your sore nipples. So I would say try the hospital grade pump. At least if you are renting, you can test and see without loosing a bunch of money. I do like my hand pump, but don't get...
Hi, I am a mother of two from Surrey. I was told about this site by a customer and boy is it great! I can't wait to learn from all of you. I have a 3 and a half year old and my baby turns 1 on monday (boo hooo) Both boys. I go back to work in less than two weeks. I am a little stressed about that. I work part time as a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit. I also run my own cloth diapering online store. Can anyone tell me how to receive email updates and...
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