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Forgot to add another great resource http://spanglishbaby.com look under forums "US West Coast" for playgroups in the LA area
Ragana, do you have cable at home? We use direct TV and we pay $ 7.99 xtra per month to have access to "the Americas' package" which entails 30+ channels from central & south america, 1 of those channels "discovery kids" has daily spanish cartoons available from 0700 until about 6pm west coast time, all of the shows are very appropriate, non-violent and educational.  Some of the shows may be geared towards the preschooler kids, but there are certainly shows that are...
Hi, in our case I speak the minority language (spanish) to my daughter and my husband speaks to her only in English.  We also use the OPOL method at home.  I work full time and my daughter who's now 4 1/2 speaks fluently in both languages.  We're doing the same with our 9 month old son.  My husband and I had a conversation about the importance of teaching the kids spanish as a way to communicate with my family.  I'm very grateful that he has been completely supportive of...
Quote: Originally Posted by jr'smom "No. Never have, never will. Have you read the study about five consecutive flu shots increasing your chances for Alzheimer's by 10x? Most nurses and doctors that I know decline the flu shot too". I'm not sure that most nurses and doctors decline the flu shot, if anything most hospitals make it mandatory to get one unless you are medically waived.
Has anyone received yet? or planning to? I just got mine a couple of days ago. I had no choice due to my line of work....
It's never too early to give breastfeeding a consideration. I'm sure you have read all the fantastic benefits for mom and babe. I too had a rough time in the beginning but I stuck to it and with the help and support of a lactation consultant and friends (we were living overseas at the time), I was able to breastfeed for a year. There is so much support out there and the best thing you could do is to stay informed and make an informed decision. I hope that your in-laws...
Name: Gaby -Age: 34 -EDD: May 13th -Location: Italy, but will be moving back to California in 6 months -1st child/2nd/3rd...: this will be our 2nd kiddo -Family:Husband Scott, 3 yo DD Gigi and 9 yo cat -Baby's gender: ?? -Names:haven't even given it a thought yet. -Birth plans/preferences: no plan its the best plan for me, the only sure thing will be getting an epidural that actually works!!
I like spanglishbaby.com for spanish-english bilingual education
We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation. We used whole milk (organic) until 2, then we switched to 2% (organic) for about 6 months. She's currently in 1%, and my plan is to eventually switch to skim.
Thank you ladies for the wonderful ideas
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