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Thank you all for the responses. It's hard not to worry even a tiny bit when he's not even really interested in tasting anything. I think I just needed some reassurance that such a late start isn't all that unusual.
My 16 mo old is the same way. He's just not that interested in solids.
DS will be 16 months tomorrow and is 99.9% exclusively breastfed. We keep trying to introduce him to solid food and he's not really interested. I wasn't worried about it when he was under 1 year or even shortly after he turned a year old because I figured he would eventually gain interest. However now I'm starting to wonder if I've been too patient. I've tried spoon-feeding and self-feeding. When I first tried spoon-feeding I noticed he wanted to direct the spoon himself...
DS turns 1 in seven days! He's not walking yet but he's a strong cruiser/crawler. He also has 6 teeth -- 4 top, 2 bottom. He doesn't like solids (actively pushes them away, spits them out) so he still EBF. I haven't pumped much in months so now he refuses to drink from bottles. I bought him a sippy cup but he just thinks it's a toy. Right now I'm trying to teach him to say "Da-da," "mama" and "bye bye." He can say "Da-da" but I don't think he says it to mean daddy yet.
We're having a small family party next Sunday. DS still doesn't like solids so I'm thinking he won't care much about his cake.
Purplegirl, I'm mostly speechless...just, wow.
Congrats all around, Shay!
Saw it today and loved it. There is some dialogue actually but it's more like background sounds since the focus is on the babies not the adults.
Quote: Originally Posted by ASusan Is it SILENT, or can you hear the babies and what is going on around them? Do you think my toddler will like it? He watched the youtube trailer several times when I was doing his hair yesterday morning - kept asking for more. He's never sat thought a feature-length film. 20-30 minutes of Little Bear, and about 35-40 minutes into Fly Me to the Moon, he fell asleep. (which was the point, seeing that he was hopped up on...
Welcome Chelci!
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