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Fig Mama, you can PM me too. We have AllKids and the same dr. as Kelli/Vinyl Girl, if you want more info about him. The main issue is that AllKids pays so little, and often delays payment for months, that few doctors want to take it.
We went home just after 24 hours. We were ready to go at about 18 (and could have) but it just seemed easier to wait a few more hours and get the PKU test done than to have to go out with baby in the freezing cold (early January baby) an extra time. As long as your midwife and pediatrician are okay with it, you can leave when you feel ready.
Hi there, Does anyone here have any experience with either the Chicago Food Coop (on North Ave) or the LugNCarry buying club (in the Oak Park area)? Interested in joining one, but wondering how people's experiences have been. Thanks!
I have used the following things as improvised nursing pillows: A rolled up coat The diaper bag Any pillow that might be lying around if I'm at someone's house or a waiting room that has pillows A large library book I've also done the crossed leg thing plus leaning over a bit (not the most comfortable, but works in a pinch. All the above props plus the crossed leg thing work well. My Brest Friend makes an inflatable travel version of their pillow. Keep thinking...
I have never been able to hand-express! I keep trying, but never get much more than a drop. I have no problem at all with pumping (pump tons). I also almost never leak (only if baby's slept over 8 hours, then maybe I'll leak a little bit). So I just think some of us are not well-designed for hand-expressing?
What are you moving there for?
I agree with the pp, but putting them in the fridge makes for some cold parts, lol. I tuck mine in the cooler part of my pump bag when I'm away from home and have to pump more than once. Also, keep in mind, once you get back to work it will be much easier. The pumping sessions that replace nursing sessions are soooo much more productive than the pumping sessions to build stock that are in addition to nursing sessions. So hang in there. I often have leftover milk in the...
I teach college (sounds like you teach in the K-12 somewhere?), but I do not have an office as a part-time faculty. I "borrow" one dept. chair's office on Mondays and the other's on Wednesdays. Maybe the principal or vice principal or some other person who has an office would let you use their offices? Just a thought. They might have btdt or their wife or sister or someone might have. On my long days (dd is 4 months old now, and I went back to work at just 4 weeks...
We have some of the BG AIO organic one-size that fit dd once she hit about 8 lbs (so about 4 weeks).
I just eat two eggs a day (high in lecithin) and that has helped my chronic plugged ducts immensely.
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