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I ran into my first negative comments regarding adoption yesterday. It was on a facebook human milk for human babies page. One place that I was totally floored to run into such vehement hatred for adoption. I had heard that people like her existed but hearing those words actually said TO me hurt very badly.
Reintroducing myself! My name is Terra and I am mommy to tow bio children a DD that is 7 and a DS that is 4. I have 4 angle babies in heaven. We started our journey towards domestic infant adoption last January. Everything went so quickly in the beginning but since getting our homestudy approved everything has been SO slow going with our profile only being presented once. I've been working hard to get our information in the hands of everyone that is willing to hear it. I...
How do you ladies keep up your spirits while waiting for a match? It's been over 8 months since we started the adoption process and though I know in my mind that it is a short time in the grand scheme of the adoption journey but in my heart it feels like an eternity. Especially with the holidays fast approaching I just find myself getting a bit depressed when I think of the babies we lost and of the baby I fear we will never have. What keeps you ladies going in the long...
After not hearing anything for a month we have gotten presented with 2 situations in the last 2 days! The first was for a 2 yo and 1 yo. We decided for various reasons that we did not want to pursue that situation. This afternoon though we were presented with a little boy born on May 6th. We are SO torn! The birth mother wants a LOT of openness including monthly meetings. We just aren't sure if we are willing to be that open.
Welcome JenCox! How do you ladies handle the "hurry up and wait" feeling? Our homestudy was approved a month ago (to the day actually) and our profile hasn't been show at all yet. I know that it getting shown will not guarantee us a match but at least it would feel like something was happening. I feel so helpless right now.
I know I don't post very often but I just wanted to share my excitement with people who would "get" it. Our homestudy was approved! We just need to send in out book, letter and a few extra bits of paper work and they can start presenting our profile to birth parents. I'm so excited but now everything is starting to feel like it's moving in super slow motion.
Hey mama! I have learned quite a lot since posting that message years ago. If you message me I would be happy to point you in the direction of several different amazing midwives in the area.  
So much excitement on here lately!!! Congrats PUH and QueenJane! Welcome back Mamarhu and Welcome Ma Cactus! AFM: We are waiting for out home study to be approved. All the paperwork is in but we were told it could take up to 6 weeks for approval. In the mean time we need to work on our "Dear Birth mom" letter and our photo book. Do any of you seasoned ladies have any advice for us?? I am not a creative person at all so the book really scares me.
It's been ages since I posted so I though I should update! We had the first of our home study appointments back on the 11th and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had built it up to be in my mind. We did all the back round/getting to know you type of stuff. We are now working our way through our classes. We have had 4 or the 6 classes we would need to get a foster (to adopt) license. The classes have been great and SO informative. We are going to go through will all the...
Smithie - That is awesome!!! I scheduled our first homestudy appoinment yesterday! It's on the 25th! I was so excited when I got the call I cried.
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