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That is the letter we used for child care in when we were in Illinois without any problems. It really irks me when schools and school districts are dishonest with parents about their rights. Ugh!
Wow! I would never sign that. It's better to have found out now though.    You may want to try a family or general physcian. They tend to be more open about vaccines. We have only gone to GPs who see our whole family and I wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck finding a new dr.
Hi and welcome to MDC! I think it's great you are researching vaxes.   I totally agree with everything ma2two said.   If you decide you need to switch Drs. the Finding Your Tribe section for your state is a great way to find non-vax friendly Drs in your area.
I sit the same way you do on a couch and I have done most of my breastfeeding in that position or cross-legged. The first few weeks, you may need to sit in a certain position for latching but after that, you pretty much do what's comfy. I used my "nursing" rocker with ottoman for maybe 3-4 weeks with DS1 then was always on the couch. I agree with PP, buy something that you like and is durable and easily cleaned if you are planning on 3 kids. If you feel like you will...
So the nephew is 18? IMO, he's an adult and he made the choice to come along even if he couldn't swim. You have no responsibility in another adult's decision. 
No you are not over-reacting.   For me it would be the end of visits with FIL. Before we had kids, my FIL flicked nephew in the cheek for crying when he was an infant. After that I told DH he would never be with any of our children unsupervised (for that reason and others). DH whole heartedly agreed with me. And we have stuck to that. Luckily we now live thousands of miles away from FIL and will probably never see him again with good excuse, and I'm not sad about...
Wow-that sounds so frustrating. Would you feel comfortable posting in the "legal" state's tribe to see if there would be a MDC family near the border who would be willing to let you birth in their home? What is your midwife's suggestion? 
We chose to selectively vax and have not made any decisions differently. Both my boys have been in child care as infants; we regularly go to parks, libraries, playdates, indoor playgrounds. etc. As a pp said, vaxes don't have to be all or nothing and you certainly have many more resources than just your dr. You should carefully research each disease and then make your decision. You need to be very comfortable with your decision. The only "lifestyle" choice that...
Please stop watering down her formula right away! She needs all the calories and nutrients in full strength formula to grow and be healthy. Watered down formula is very dangerous and can lead to failure to thrive, especially in one so little. It sounds like a frustrating time for both of you, but you should know gas in newborns and young infants is not unusual even for breastfed babies. You may need to try a bunch of things before you figure out the right thing for her....
Sorry--crazy phone.
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